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Free and useful image editors and batch operations software list!

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May 23, 2013
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Hello everyone, I've been searching the forum and I couldn't find a recent or dedicated topic to such tools. I think every Model might need such piece of software at one point in their activity and if it comes FREE it's even better. The way I see this topic is to list the most important free image editing utilities and also to be used for support. Models can ask how can I do this or that in this software and others can reply.

I'll start by mentioning 4 free image editing and batch operations utilities:

1. Photopea

It's more or less a Photoshop clone that can be used directly in browser and even without creating an account. It comes with thousands of premade templates and of course is possible to start your own project from scratch. For those familiar with Photoshop interface, using Photopea will be a piece of cake. For beginners, try to start with a template of your choice (you can use also keywords to search for templates) and see how it goes from there. A piece of advice for beginners, make sure you select the Auto-select and Transform controls from the top-left corner of the app, it will ease the usage a lot.
Access Photopea here:

2. Pixlr

Another browser based image editor that evolved a lot in the last years. I think this one might be easier to use for beginners as each tool from the left panel comes with a detailed description, but of course if you never used an advanced editing tool, it might require some time to accommodate with the interface and options. Pixlr provides also templates to start with, but not all of them are free, the ones that are Premium are flagged with a watermark.
Access Pixlr here:

3. FastStone Image Viewer 4. FastStone Photo Resizer

These are desktop applications for Windows that in my opinion are essential for any Model. Don't get fooled by their name as the Image Viewer and the Photo Resizer does a lot more then that. I mention here just a few of the options.. you can rotate images with just one click, you can adjust colors, add effects, masks, you can add watermarks on the images, you can batch convert images and so on.
Download FastStone Image Viewer and FastStone Photo Resizer from here:

Feel free to share not only Windows based software, but also Apple, Android, Linux etc...

Best regards, Ionut
iPhone users can utilize MOLDIV for photo editing with fun effects and filters, and their video version is VideoLab (which requires a subscription for premium stuff/remove restrictions). is the best/easiest photo host to use for posting photos to reddit.

MacOS users, gifs are pretty easy to make from recorded video, etc on Gif Brewery. Sorry don’t know one for PC users.
MacOS users, gifs are pretty easy to make from recorded video, etc on Gif Brewery. Sorry don’t know one for PC users.
I've been using 'ScreenToGif' for PC with some success, after a model friend asked me to help create some fun animated images for her.
No doubt that's just one of many freeware apps out there, but I found this one very easy to get started with.
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For all my basic works on pics, I use XnView (freeware, desktop application) since years on PC.
- support and convert all formats to any other format (even from/to gifs)
- apply basic filters, can import and use photoshop filters (i never used)
- resize, change resolution...
- suppress meta-datas (exif, iptc...)
- supports a good pic browser able also to preview videos in some formats
Everything can be batched, even renaming with auto numeration, easy and fast to use
Format Factory for videos big batch conversions (reformat, resize...).
Not so good for more edition, but able also to be used for (as stated on their site) :
-Video converter, clipper, joiner, spliter, muxer, crop and delogo.
-Audio converter, clipper, joiner, spliter, mixer.
-Picture files convertion and supports WebP,Heic.
-Rip BD,DVD to video file,Rip Music CD to audio file.
-PDF Joiner, PDF to TXT DOC Excel and image files.
-Supports Zip,RAR,7z decompression
-Screen Recorder
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