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  1. Hmm?


    Photo during power outage
  2. Lelo1

    Lemonhead Glitter

    LeamonHead makes SpacePaste, SpaceJam, GlowJam. SpaceJam is a Glitter Balm designed for face, body, nail, hair. The glitter is mixed into the balm meaning you don't have to worry about getting glitter all over the place while applying it. It drys quickly, says on, and is easy to wash off. So in...
  3. WyldeRose

    New to ManyVids, Tips please?

    Hello! I recently made a ManyVids account, so I'm new to camming but have a general idea of what I'm doing (sorta) but I'm still a bit lost. What should I include in my "about me"? I'm currently using my IPad and IPhone 6s for everything but what would be a good starter kit to get? Cam ready...
  4. Nastytentacle

    Our Favourite Makeup/Outfits plus camera tips and tricks!

    I've not seen that thread here yet. Correct me if there is one. :) Any makeup styles/techniques that look particularly good on a camera? Favourite camera makeup routine you would like to share? Maybe you think specific outfit looks heavenly with specific background? I'll share mine first...
  5. MojitosJourney

    Looking Hot in Australia

    I recently moved to Australia from Canada and found none of my favorite makeup & lingerie stores are here. I like (and miss) Victoria's secret & Sephora the most. Where do you ladies (& gents that like lingerie!) shop for lingerie & makeup in Australia? I'm happy to order things online rather...
  6. Dan202

    Halloween selfie

    Curious how did you look on Halloween ? - a special outfit or a spooky makeup? I should add a selfie but I didn't celebrate at all... ashamed
  7. Kody

    How do you feel about women/camgirls wearing make-up?

    Just a wee poll I wanted to do. Im intrigued to know your guys answers :) Thanks for voting!