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Our Favourite Makeup/Outfits plus camera tips and tricks!

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Apr 27, 2017
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I've not seen that thread here yet. Correct me if there is one. :)
Any makeup styles/techniques that look particularly good on a camera?
Favourite camera makeup routine you would like to share?
Maybe you think specific outfit looks heavenly with specific background?
I'll share mine first!


I like to go soft, because there isn't many models with natural look and I just love it on myself sometimes.
My 1st favourite is colour correction and concealer only, followed by filling in my eyebrows with a light shade. I leave the eyeshadow and put a lot of mascara and sometimes light eyeliner!

Second favourite is doing my makeup in some weird colours like orange lipstick and pink eyeshadow or blue lipstick and purple eyeshadows! It makes you stand out so much!

Third is classy and I see it on everyone, yet I still like it a lot!
I put a foundation (stippling so it covers everything and I put more than usually just to get my skin very even on a camera), then concealer. I contour my face with powder only and put lots of highlight.
Then I put on a nice, well blended eyeshadow in a brown/golden, sometimes silver/black, put a nice cat line on, fake eyelashes, red lipstick.

My makeup tips and tricks!
1.BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! It will always make your makeup look better! :) I highly recommend a mac 217 blending brush, it's only like 18 quid or something like that and is heavenly for my eyeshadow!
Also, Beauty Blender! Makes your foundation look less cakey so you don't look like a shiny muffin.
2.My favourite camera foundation - beautifully matte from No7.
You don't have to put any powder on and it just looks great.
I use the ivory one, but it's way too dark for me, so I have to add some moisturizer on, which sucks. It used to match me in summer. Lightweight, still covers everything nicely. It definitely works for my skin. It doesn't have to work for yours, remember. We're all different.
3.Favourite brushes - real techniques. The price is fantastic, they are often reduced, do a very nice work especially the foundation ones and they are great for "i've just started, what do i do with that weird liquid?!".
4.Everything looks sort of paler on a camera, so don't be afraid to put a little more makeup than you usually do or make that eyeliner a little thicker.
5.I always fill in my eyebrows. Even if only with a light brow powder. It just looks way better on a camera. Adds definition to your face.
6.Eyelashes are a must.
7.Use a good setting mist to make your makeup look great even after you cum 43294 times.
8.If you're going for a natural look, still do some makeup - at least cover the redness and do your lashes if they're light. Red face looks awful on a camera, same with spots. They're just thousand times more visible.
9.I use my camera instead of the mirror sometimes. It gives me a better impression of what my makeup's gonna look like when I stream.
10.I sometimes colour match my dildos/lingerie/makeup just because I can :D. It draws a lot of attention in my opinion.
11.Body contouring! Want your titties to look bigger and better defined? YEAH! There's lots of tutorials on youtube :). They just work fantastic!
12.Hairspray makes your booty shiny if you've got a twerking session or something C: .


Hey, why not colour match the nice purple dildo with your bedding or pillows!? Or make it contrasting?
We can play with a lot of things visually only using colour! I don't have a lot of outfit tricks, because I prefer to be naked, but maybe the rest of us do? :)

Anybody's tried that btw? I think it might work a-ma-zing!)
My favourite thing to wear on cam is my red tartan flannel shirt. It's sexy ,comfy and amusingly polarising.

As for makeup I love to play around with different looks. Mostly bold lip colours because they are particularly striking over cam. I have a purple lipstick that looks almost black and it gets a great response.

Last year I learned to contour from youtube tutorials and it's great for streamlining my face and making certain features pop. I don't do it all the time but I'd recommend anyone here to try it, it's not as daunting as it seems once you get into it.
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Nov 25, 2014
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IMG_3972.JPG I like to fuck with my clientele hardcore. Some days I'll go full glam and lingerie and some days i got panties and a tank top with little to no makeup. I say I like to fuck with them but honestly I think it keeps them all on their toes and gives me appeal to a wider audience. I love how I feel and look when I'm full glam but sometimes I just don't have that hour-two hours to get there just to get on cam and be disappointed in my work for the day. So I change it up.
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