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  1. StarSpirit

    How long did it take you to become successful at camming?

    Hello model friends! I was wondering- how long (day/ months/ years) did it take for you to build your career, attract regulars and big tippers, and just log on and feel like it's finally looking great? Did you stream everyday for 8 hours? Or just log on from time to time and just kind of...
  2. Fiend-Nix

    Streamate to MFC: How to prepare for the switch?

    Hi! I'm Nix! I didn't see a thread that specifically answered my question, so I thought it'd be okay to post a new one! I took advice from this site and started on Streamate. I've been on for about a month now :3 But my goal has always been to move to My Free Cams! I have a list of things I...
  3. M

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    It's taboo, I know, but I think that it's important that the models who are ill can find and see what works well for other models who struggle with mental illness. I have PTSD and Major Depression Disorder. With all that, just existing is difficult at times when I feel especially low. Finding...
  4. honey_witchie

    Getting more MFC customers ideas?

    hi I’m fairly new to camming 1. I’ve mostly been at MFC. I dance, I try to keep up conversation, I promote oil shows and all sorts of games and shows & have a tip menu on my whiteboard, but I’m having trouble getting paying customers in my room. Occasionally I’ll have a good few hours where I...
  5. K

    Unco-ordinated: Move sexy w/o looking like a potato, how?

    I'm not very co-ordinated, a bit clumsy, and surely I'm not the only one. How do I move or dance sexily without just looking like a klutzy potato? Any tips, exercises to get better, or easy little moves that look good? Sorry if there's already something like this in Model's Only, my webcam comes...
  6. BambiBluebell

    Video Quality Questions

    Hi y'all, I am new, posted a few times. I've been browsing through video questions but I have one I haven't seen answered. I am all set to start looking into making clips to sell (been on chaturbate a couple of weeks) until I mentioned this to a pal who has a background in video editing...
  7. BelleThacher

    MFC: Standing VS Sitting??

    Hey everyone! So one thing Ive always wondered and have heard differing opinions on is whether you should be standing while on MFC or sitting relaxed? Models, do you find you make more money or have a more lively room in general when you stand compared to when you sit? or is there not really a...
  8. hornyhipstersinohio

    wanting to cam for japan? (from usa)

    hello, i was checking out Meiya Tokyo but you have to be under 28. I would love to connect with japanese people, any good cams for usa to japan? i never really see a lot of asian people on my sites, thanks for the help!
  9. Nastytentacle

    Our Favourite Makeup/Outfits plus camera tips and tricks!

    I've not seen that thread here yet. Correct me if there is one. :) Any makeup styles/techniques that look particularly good on a camera? Favourite camera makeup routine you would like to share? Maybe you think specific outfit looks heavenly with specific background? I'll share mine first...
  10. Evierose

    Beginner Cam Girl Seeking Help .....

    Ok ..... so starting off, I guess I could say I've cammed a few times in the past couple months on MFC and Chaturbate and my biggest issue was getting the room started. I'm more comfortable with selling my vids on ManyVids and ExtraLunchMoney than getting on live cam but I know there is a lot of...
  11. SweetSamara

    How to stay consistent?

    Hello! So I am sorry if there is another thread like this or if this is not the right place to be posting this. Forgive me! I'm still a noob when it come to forums. But I am in need of some advice or tips on staying motivated and staying consistent with my camming schedule. Do any of you models...
  12. NoraSkyes

    Technology and Setups

    Hey girls, happy New Year my loves! I am curious as to what sort of tech and setups other models have going on as I want to make mine better and have a more professional feel to my room as well as make it seem more relaxing and inviting. Feel free to share your equipment and any pros and cons of...
  13. Jesse Angel

    Good Background While Camming

    Hey, everyone. So, here's the deal: I recently moved into a new apartment, and the new room I cam in has very plain white walls. I was wondering what I could do to spruce them up some and add some decorations/a background while I cam just so I don't have a boring white wall behind me. I am...
  14. Jesse Angel

    12 Hour Broadcast? Thoughts?

    I'm thinking about having a 12 hour broadcast on MyFreeCams in the near future (Most likely early November) and depending on how that goes, I'd want to potentially attempt an even longer broadcast. I'm not sure if MFC has restrictions on how long you can be online for, but if nothing were to...
  15. M

    Wanting to start camming but my bf is uneasy about it, advice? Please

    So I have been wanting to start camming for a while now but I have a bf that I have been with for 2 and a half yrs, I tried to talk to him about it a while back because I was thinking about dancing but he mentioned camming saying it would probably be safer. At the time I just let it go and...
  16. Shivyzzzz

    Using a Phone?

    I am really considering camming, but my internet where I live sucks! Does anyone cam with a phone or know if it's even possible?
  17. PoppyBryers

    What Countries are Illegal to Cam in?

    Hello! I'm a camgirl on MFC. Been camming for a few years now. Just out of curiosity to fellow cam girls out there---Anyone know the laws in Japan regarding camming? Reason I'm asking is because I have intentions of going there for a few months, and of course, I'd like to cam at the same...
  18. PerriMynx

    Limited Camming Schedule?

    Hey everyone, this is actually going to be at least a two pronged question, but I'll try to keep the rambling to a minimum. So here's the dealio: I currently live at home with my family and I'm in a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg situation. I don't have the income to move out at the moment, but I...
  19. BritneySiren alternatives

    lately my chat has had some very annoying guest chat folks... and a weird person I suspect is stalking from a gaming community I'm a part of. Since the only way to block the guest is going into tipping chat (which mimics my free cams anyway) I was wondering what were some of your thoughts on...