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  1. CamFeatures

    CamFeatures - OBS overlays for Chaturbate

    About CamFeatures It's a simple and intuitive platform with interactive and customizable overlays for streaming. With just a few clicks turn on and off elements, pick different colors and create your own style. Copy your overlay's URL into streaming software and watch the overlays enhance...
  2. LuckyCrush

    Launch of the new site LuckyCrush : A random video chat based cam site

    Hello everyone! We are more than happy to announce the launch of LuckyCrush ( A new kind of webcam chat based on random video chat. On LuckyCrush, men pay to chat with girls and girls earn money by chatting. It's as simple as that. Thanks also to our investors who...
  3. lunaxgriffin

    Empty and Silent Room

    Okay so I'm originally an MFC girl, but that cam score man. And the lack of inclusivity man. Sooooo I decided to try out Chaturbate, BUT DAMN. We have a couples account and even when I'm on with my partner and we have like 30-100 people in our room NO ONE TALKS. Like they literally say nothing...
  4. Mike_77712

    Looking for a model to cam that owns a pair of boxing gloves

    Hey there i'm looking for a girl that uses skyprivate or cammodeldirectory that can wear some boxing gloves and do a few things for me in a camshow. Feel free to pm me or reply to this post
  5. S

    Is she cheating?

    Hi everybody. I’m a cam model husband. My wife and I recently started this camming (5months) thing and it has been a disaster so far. We went into it with the best of intentions but her being on cam has brought out the monster in her. A little back story... I’ve been frequententing the site...
  6. S

    Worried about my past cam shows being leaked

    Hi I did some camming a few years ago for about one year. I only ever did ONE public show on a mainstream cam site but I decided it wasn't for me because I didn't like that I was being watched by many people at the same time. So I found MyGirlFund which I liked because I could arrange cam...
  7. A

    How to cope with this anxiety

    When I was 19, I was a cam girl for a very brief time. I'm now 22. I did it for about two weeks and only went on about 4 or 5 times. I came from a very poor home, my father was sexually abusive in the past so I wanted to make some cash without having to work at minimum wage retail so I could...
  8. LunaMun

    Tips for new cammers?

    Hey! ✊✊ Guys i need tips on advertising myself as a cam model!!
  9. D

    MFC taxes

    Modeling for MFC - When you receive your 1099 in the mail, does it say MFC on the letter itself? I still live with my parents and don’t want them to find out i’m camming (obviously). Does it say anything on the form itself about MFC? Also, did you end up owing more than you originally thought...
  10. Witchessleep

    Did webcamming help your body image issues?

    I kind of assume for most that it did, but I'm interested in hearing other stories.
  11. Witchessleep

    Chaturbate lag! (is it them or me?)

    This is more of a vent, but seriously what is going on? For two days now, I couldn't even cam because of this very infuriating lag. I downloaded OBS, but I wasn't confident that it was showing up (the set-up is kind of awkward to me). I checked my internet which said it was very fast, but the...
  12. AmberrCrystal

    I need help (privacy/stream being recorded without permission)

    So It's been a year since I did camming for a little bit (I had to stop because I was too difficult trying to sneakily do it at 3am) I'm able to do it again so was considering it. My friend informed me that he found videos of me taken from my streams and uploaded to crushus and I think a few...
  13. Nai Hope

    MacBook or IMac?

    Hi I need advice please on what is best I am looking in to purchasing a MacBook or IMac for Cam work what is best though? I tend to Cam in one room so I don’t move around in other rooms so I don’t need something where I can move around rooms or go to hotels etc. Thank u in advance
  14. Witchessleep

    Camming sites that allow you to hide your face?

    I don't know any camming sites except for MFC and chaturbate- both seem to have a "show your face" policy. I know there are camgirls that hide their face (and even don't talk), but there was no mention of where they work.
  15. ShyCollegeSlut

    Viewers Opinion of Split Camming.

    I would like to split cam on two free/chat based sites with private/groups turned off. Would something like this bother you as a tipper/viewer? I wouldn't have any problems keeping up with chat, but there would occasionally be chat that makes no sense, as well as random free flashes/stuff going...
  16. E

    Hello, just a couple of questions.

    Hello, My name is Ellie and I would like to try camming again as a way to make a little bit more money. I'm working part-time and live with my parents because my mother has melanoma/skin cancer. To clarify, I did webcamming on MFC a couple of years ago but I would only do it if my parents...
  17. Gingerenchantress

    Cosplay on cam: opinions and suggestions!

    Hello there darlings, I'm a pretty new Camgirl on chaturbate. I've done my shows mostly in what I usually wear at home, but I had a particular idea: "What about webcamming in cosplay?". Sincerely I've got no idea about how such a thing could be perceived, if it would be a turn on or something...
  18. Yavin4MFC

    Promotion at end of videos

    How do you put promotion items at the end of your videos? Whether it's social links, previews for similar types of videos, a link for a tip jar, etc? Have you gotten any extra sales or follows from them?
  19. kupido

    Avoid paying high taxes by creating an LLC???

    Is it smart to create an LLC asap to avoid paying High taxes, or is there a point where it would be wise to do so? I have heard of this from other amateur models and porn creators...but ive heard many mixed information. I haven't yet tried to seek out more information on it until now. The...
  20. MilaRose

    Why do people work for Boleyn Models?

    As a disclaimer, I just signed up for them today with little to no knowledge of what/who they actually are and what work you do for them to get paid. I've just noticed a lot of cam girls on here opt for using them, mainly for their fast and easy payment options. However, after getting my ID and...