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  1. Vdksup3r

    Got scammed by a CB Model / Need a Refund

    Hello everyone, it has been basically a week now that i asked for a refund on the chaturbate support with mail, not getting anywhere with it and still waiting for a response by them i decided to come here by seeing many post of people actually getting respond by mods. For the story of the...
  2. sweetcap33

    Stripchat Payout

    Hey guys! I'm new to Stripchat and was suppose to get my first payout yesterday on Tuesday but I haven't received it yet. And I have been trying to get a hold of customer service and has been difficult. In my payment history it says 'paid' on Sunday (2 days ago). I was wondering if I had put the...
  3. sweetcap33

    MFC Screen Size

    Hi guys! I wanted to know if MyFreeCams has a way where we can turn the screen size of us to square instead of widescreen, if anyone knows
  4. O

    Almost Certainly Another Scam

    I know, I know... this topic pops up every day with another fool praying he’s actually found love. Today, I am that fool. I wanted to lay out some of my story and hope somebody can offer an objective opinion. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve been using cam sites for a while and have never...
  5. xxlsuperlouis

    Real or fake? How would you respond?

    Hello everyone. Got this message from a cam model I followed on twitter and chaturbate at one point. Who wouldn’t feel bad if this was real?. (I’m assuming it’s not 😬) If you think it’s fake too, I’m curious if this is this actually a successful method that cam girls use?
  6. ArianaFoxxx

    LovesenseRemote app question

    Hello! So I have a Lush2 and signed up with my personal email (legal name) since I planned on using it with just my SO, I’ve been thinking about raffling off for a member to have control of my lush for an amount of time. If I send the link to my lush do they have access to any of my info like my...
  7. ArianaFoxxx

    Tips for OBS

    Hey there! So I was going to switch to OBS streaming but I’m not very tech savvy so I’m a little hesitant on doing it lol I’ve been reading up on it on MFC Wiki and they stated that a hard wired Ethernet connection is recommended. Does anyone have experience with it working with just your wifi...
  8. ArianaFoxxx

    Could I be doing more?

    Hey loves! So I’m someone that feels like they never do enough. I have quite a few videos on my MFC Share, some clubs, items and goals as well. I struggle with getting it to sell. I try creating videos to upload for MFC/OF but lately I haven’t been motivated creating content. I look up to many...
  9. Miamia13

    register on mfc for Indonesian model

    Hi guys, I'm a pretty successful webcam model from Indonesia, I'm currently working on several sites including cb and bonga. but I always wanted to get to MFC. is there any way to register there for an Indonesian model? or maybe you have heard of how to do that? have a good day guys)
  10. MismatchedCouple

    Can Models See The Private Recordings?

    Just curious, we were taken private for the first time the other night and of course we allowed a recording to go into the viewers collection. Our question is, does it save anywhere for us to view as well? Thanks.
  11. sweetcap33

    MFC Share header help

    How can you change your header picture on your MFC Share profile? I've never changed it before and have the palm tree one that was automatically there.
  12. sweetcap33

    Charlesbot Helpp!! plss

    Hello it's almost my second year in camming on mfc and I feel I can get more tips if I knew how charlesbot worked, I've gave up on him. I can't figure out exactly how to put banners and at least emojis in my chat. And when I command to clear chat and other things charlesbot just continuously...
  13. MilaRose

    Where do you draw the line?

    I have a customer who has purchased a video, one that is available for purchase on ManyVids, directly through me at discounted price. The video was shared to his email via Dropbox promptly as well as to two of his ManyVids accounts via the free MV link to which have been, for whatever reason...
  14. ailein

    Be careful - thieves of your streaming live

    Hi! I don't know where I can publish the link of profiles of thieves - men who captured public & private shows to upload them online. I don't do this to make pub but to warn models to ask to delete their videos. So 1st thief: http://www.[site name banned*12]/members/1486720/videos/ as the...
  15. ShyCollegeSlut

    Downsizing, looking for advice from models/members

    I currently have accounts on over 20 cam/clip/sexwork related sites. Clearly I have my eggs is far to many baskets to keep everything updated on a regular basis. As ya'll know this industry is forever changing, and some sites are great, and then they slow down, sometimes they completely fuck...
  16. MilaRose

    Can We Get A Model Run Custom Site?

    Can we please get a model run custom video site where sellers are protected! If there is one, can I join lol. If anyone is working on one, I would also love to help in any way I can. Us models deserve to have some kind of protection against scamming buyers and injust support on adult platforms...
  17. TMxx

    Broadcasting using XSplit - help?

    Hi all! I have been a model on MFC for 5 months now, I hope my question is in the right place (as I have to be more active before having access to the models only area). I have recently upgraded my webcam to the logitech C920, & was wondering if there was a thread or anyone who could help me...
  18. L

    Chaturbate Indian model

    Hello, I am from India and want to broadcast myself. I have submitted my age proof verified pics of my passport and my face with the passport in my hand. Still I am being said that the image is grainy and is not approved. Does it mean that Indians don't have the right to use chaturbate? What is...
  19. H

    searching for opportunity

    hi i want to try the whole camming thing not as a job but more as trying new things and have some fun (though some money is always helpful) and i was wondering if there are safe places i can search for people who want to do a show with me not as a spectator but as a fellow model? i am located in...
  20. bluebelle

    Disconnected while trying to use the web broadcaster

    Hey guys, I'm hoping I can get some help here. I'm a new model, I've been getting things ready and setting up my profile and am finally ready to get online and broadcast, but I've been having issues with the web broadcaster. I'm using my macbook pro, and google chrome. It gives me this error...