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  1. lil_popcorn

    My Wish List— how does it work?🧞‍♂️❤️

    Hello Community, I’ve added 2 wishlists to my Chaturbate profile. I’m hoping viewers can help me build my show up with their support in order to have more items to perform with. However, I was wondering if models need to give anything in return when customers purchase items on wishlist? Do...
  2. lil_popcorn

    Laptop Specifications For Webcam Modeling

    Hello Cam Community, I’m eager to start broadcasting, however the problem is I don’t own a laptop. Does anyone know the required laptop specifications for webcam modeling? Also, I would appreciate if some laptop models can be recommended. Thank you so much xoxo❤️
  3. A

    Chaturbate denying my verification constantly!

    hey ya'll, I hope i'm posting in the right place! i'm new to camming, although i used to be a seller (panties, videos etc) I've been trying to get myself verified on chaturbate, but they ask me to verify using my passport! I live in India and I've sent them images of my Aadhar card (identity...
  4. A

    undeliverable payment?

    Okay, I am pretty frustrated right now. So I am a new model on Chaturbate and I filled out all of my payment info in the beginning.I'm pretty sure I filled out all of my info correctly. So I've been waiting for my payment for about a week and still nothing. I emailed Shirley yesterday, she said...
  5. A

    No viewers on Chaturbate

    Hello, I have made an account on Chaturbate and I cannot understand why no one come to see me, there girls with thousand viewers and I have get max 20 in two hours! Doesn't matter what I do, I can be naked or I can wear a sexy lingerie that no one come! Why? Has the account some problems? I am...