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  1. W

    Stolen photos

    Hello, I was a Chaturbate user for some time and noticed that a certain website had stolen my photos, the problem is that I was afraid and i deleted my CB account. Will it be a big problem for Chaturbate's Support? I know all my details from the deleted account, so I can confirm that it is...
  2. Witchessleep

    How much to sell photosets for?

    I just made an account on ELM the other day. I was reading another post about someone who asked a similar question, but the quality of my photos are a little grainier since it was taken with a webcam. People on her thread suggested $5/5 photos or maybe $10/15 photos if they're having a deal...
  3. BreeGranger

    What camera is best for creating awesome photos and videos?

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new camera. My budget is around $500 and I am looking for something that will take good pictures (after some practice) and good video. I have a vanilla blog I want to take awesome pictures for but I also want to get a camera that will be able to take some...
  4. ChubbiiBunnii

    Beginner question????

    So I hear mygirlfund, Images4sale, and extralunchmoney are good picture selling sites (since as of right now I am way too shy to do videos just yet) are there any other sites? and since I already have nudes and lewd photos on my phone are those also okay to post? A lot of them are used with...
  5. ruby86

    help using Imgur to post images to MFC and Twitter....

    hi :) I don't have access to the Models Only section yet, so wasn't sure if this has been covered somewhere already, but I did a search on here, and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for help with... so, I have just set up an account on Imgur, and would really appreciate any advice on how...
  6. A

    Custom Pictures

    I have someone wanting to purchase custom pictures from me. Since I'm new i have no clue what to charge or if the quality has to be a certain way. I have an iPhone 7+ which takes phenomenal pictures on portrait mode. Will that be enough or should I just save up for a real camera? What is...
  7. JesseBangs

    Newb needs minor tech support: How do I make sure my photos are location marked?

    Hey yal! Sooo I'm aware of the fact that in this day and age it can be easy to reverse image search or find somebody's location from it being embedded in the photographs information... How do I go about making sure that my photographs are not marked with my location before posting them? Cheers! <3
  8. Jane Sundy

    Are you a selfie model? See why BentBox is for you...

    Hi, My name is Jane and I work for in the customer support team. You have probably heard about BentBox before, we are a marketplace for photos and videos with a different style, we are growing rapidly and attracting new buyers every day. We thought to put together a page to...
  9. MaeMeow

    Selfshots with a Nikon camera

    Hi guys! So I'm not a professional at really anything, modeling or photography; so camming has really introduced me to a whole array of artistic expression! idk so I have no idea where to start as far as capturing the perfect shot with my camera. I have had this camera for a while and it's...
  10. Jane Sundy

    BentBox - Recruiting New Models

    Hi everyone, my name is Jane from BentBox and we are recruiting new models to sell photos and videos. BentBox is not a cam site and it could give you a different edge compared to many other cam sites. BentBox has many photographers posting their sets and videos for sale however our users are...
  11. K

    A client asking for my email for private photos & videos

    Hi there! Someone messaged me and wants private photos and videos and wants my email address rather than going on cam and phone chat! What shall I do? surely they can only pay you on cam and phone chat? as private bank transfer might not be trusted? help! Thanks kawaiipussy! :happy:
  12. ninafoxxx

    Rejected SM photos

    I can understand why a nude photo can get rejected but I uploaded a face pic and it was rejected.There were no toys in the pic and it was taken from my webcam...the only reason I can think of is because I used the "mirror effect"? What's the reasoning behind that??
  13. R

    Want myfreecam pics/videos removed

    Hi I cammed for about a few weeks on myfreecam and then deleted my account. What I didn´t know was that the videos were automatically recorded in the room and uploaded to other websites. And I didn´t know that the private sessions were saved in the members accounts. I would really need help to...
  14. KOTJ74

    Cam Model Recognition Site - Being Developed

    Hey all, After much consideration, I have decided to develop a cam model recognition site. If all goes well, I hope to launch it on Jan 1st, 2016. It seems like a great time to start, and it'll probably take at least three weeks to gather every thing I need and develop it. The reason I am...