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  1. C

    Chaturbate Ban With No Reason

    Hi @punker barbie I have seen in the forum that you have helped other models with this ban problem, unfortunately the same thing happened to me. I have not received any type of warning for months and today my account was banned for no reason. Can you please help me? It is my only source of...
  2. A

    BAN issue update: personal pictures on chat mistaken for minor abuse leading to permaban

    @punker barbie ,this is an update of my other thread ( wich has already been solved (thanks for the soon answer support team) but given the complexity of the issue i thinks this warrants a new thread welp as the name says,after some...
  3. L

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie, my chaturbate account "laurenkastin" hast been banned just minutes after having a normal conversation with a cammodel in PM. I already reached out to support but didn't receive an answer for 3 days. Which is odd as the support usually is pretty fast. I described what...
  4. L

    Unable to convert tokens. Support doen't give any respond for 10 days

    Good day @punker barbie Me and my friends started work individually after leaving our previous studio. But we faced an issue with converting our tokes to cash. And we are waitting response from CB since 24th of February, but haven't got any response. The strange thing that we can receive...
  5. P


    Hello, dear @punkerbarbi I haven’t received a wire transfer for last period (1-15th December). 8 days passed and chaturbate support doesn’t answer me. I’m afraid that it’s not gonna come till Christmas, you know. Can you help me, please? Account: great_8888 Hope we solve this problem soon...
  6. P

    I got banned because I am already age verified!?

    Hello @punker barbie ... maybe you can help me... My CB name is prettyfatcock. I am a long time exhibitionist broadcaster on cb and I love to be watched by a lot of women who love to watch me. But in december 2020 I complained about the new Rule for Broadcasters to be age verified.... so they...
  7. _crysstal_

    Help with a banned account

    Hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I am really sad and desperate, chaturbate banned my account yesterday after asking for my age verification. This page is really important to me, and also I have money there that I earned with effort and passion. Please please help, my account username is...
  8. Mandrawhore

    Is there a @Punker Barbie to save my banned account ?

    Hi there... I got my account banned today while broadcasting... And i still don't know why. II was just testing my new App... and chatting with some friends and mods in my room ... I emailed the support ( request (18215736) ) but still waiting for an answer... So if @punker barbie could...