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Oct 25, 2023
@punker barbie
Hello, my name is Lara (, I come to you because my account was unfairly banned.

The story is this: a few days ago I opened my chaturbate account, which was approved, which I appreciate, however my payment was withheld because I do not have a paxum account, so I requested that they send it to my twin sister, who, being my twin, was born on the same day as me, chaturbate asked me for Luisa to verify her identity, and in fact she did the verification process, but as a result of this chaturbate has banned my account (LaraCrofth).

At no time have we violated the terms and conditions of chaturbate, we were just trying to verify the account, our documents are legal, we do not want to transmit together, we just want the payment to reach Luisa's account, please if you have anything against to my Twin who has also been a webcam model and works for the competition (jasmin and stremate) there is no problem if they do not approve her document, but please unban my account (Laracrofth) I assure you that my twin sister will not appear on camera, thank you!

I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding, please help me. If you need a notarized document where I swear that I am, in fact, me, do not hesitate to ask me, I assure you that we are not impostors

thanks for your attention.
Hello @punker barbie , chaturbate contacts me and I argue that my sister's document was altered, which is not the case, since the passport even has stamps from trips we have made outside the country, I understand that I will never recover my account, but I kindly request that the retained tokens be returned to the users who brought said tokens to my room, thank you for your attention
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