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  1. S

    Chaturbate restricted country problem.

    Hi. I am from Serbia, I've been member of Chaturbate since 2012. I used to be verified model, then stopped camming, made a break and now I want to start modeling again and be able to receive tokens. I've been trying to verify myself in past 3 years! But Chaturbate always get back to me as my...
  2. G

    Can't get verified?

    Hey there so i've been trying to verify my chaturbate account so i can start receiving tokens however every time i've tried I end up getting rejected with this msg "ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region" which is really perplexing as i've seen other cammers from the same country camming and...
  3. Lore_Shane

    ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region

    Hello everyone! My account is Lore_Shane13 I have been trying to verify myself as a model on CB for 3 weeks already and all in vain. They don't accept my ID and the reason is not the quality of the pictures, because they are clear and valid, but is that my "region is restricted". I have been...