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  1. SubmissiveSophie

    Just when I thought I had half a grip.

    Hello lovelies! So, I am about to be taking big steps with this and putting in all the work I can as it is about to be my full time job - exciting I know! One of the takeaways I have gotten, is to keep your momentum with your "NEW" feature when you start your account, promote yourself and...
  2. DearestVixen

    Microphone Roll-Call?

    I'm sure this has been done hundreds of times on this site but I couldn't find one thread that combined them all, mostly just ones looking for advice. This way if a model is looking at getting a specific mic maybe she can search and see if there is good/bad reviews from us for it. (if this has...
  3. MeOwlOmNomz

    Your Favorite Websites and Blogs for Sex Toy Reviews?

    My personal favorite is OhJoySexToy. Everything on their website is helpful and even outside of their reviews they have Sexual Education comments that explain more than anything I've ever heard in any of my Sex Ed Classes. It's a valuable resource I love linking others too. Anyone else know...