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  1. S

    Buy Snapchat link

    Hi I've been a model on MFC for almost 2 years now and wanted to make some changes to my profile and I noticed some models have a button that say 'buy my sc XX toks' or just stating where they can click to buy it and when clicked, that amount of toks is taken and I would guess you just give them...
  2. Witchessleep

    Sites that allow masks/hide face

    I looked on some sites and there seems to be a mix of camgirls being allowed to hide their faces ("and the money they get) but the overall message I got was some sites allow it, some don't and some successful models don't show their face. The only cam sites I'm familiar with are mfc and...
  3. H

    Help! Sexting Sites?

    HEY. First time posting. I want a sexting site that isn't slow and dodgy, where models (or such) are paid, and it doesn't require a phone number??? I must be daft because I can't find a site to fit those requirements? I live in Australia too. I mean I don't mind using U.S sites, it's just the...
  4. ScarlettKixx

    Streammate MFC and Chaturbate

    hi! I'm currently on MFC... but after reading this all morning long and having been on MFC all night only to make 3.75$ I'm happy to look into other sites... I read somewhere that it's better to focus on one site but I don't want to limit my possibilities... And I know building up will take...
  5. J

    any suggestions?

    Hello there! What is your suggestions for joining brand new webcam site? Is it safe? Do I need to wait for some time? Asking this because I want to find best site for my performances :blush:
  6. harleylynn

    perks of different cam sites?

    hi guys :) i just started camming a few days ago, and i think i've been doing relatively okay so far. right now, i'm on flirt4free, which i now realise a lot of girls are either on chaturbate, streamate, or mfc. i saw some topics like this before but i didn't really get a lot out of them. i'm...