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technical issue

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  1. L

    Possible glitch?

    I am only allowed to view 18 models on the search page WITHOUT the option to view more. Basically models that are not 1 of the 18 that I can view are being hidden. Example: I search "BBW" it has 201 results but I am only able to view 18 of the 201 "BBW" models without the option to view more...
  2. H

    Cam to Cam issues

    Hey, Im just user who views model n all that (I donate of course). I usually do cam to cams with some models but recently when I go to cam to cam it says they aren't watching. The models says that they viewing and I even asked prove it and they actually describe what I am doing and what shirt I...
  3. H

    Why do my viewers count increase from 50 to 1000 in one second??

    Every time I stream this happens. I don't know what it is. For example my viewers are 50 now then the number goes to 1000 in just one second. And within the next 30 seconds it goes dramatically down to around 50. Then it repeats once every 10 min. Or sometimes it goes from 50 to 200 in less...
  4. K

    Why does my stream look blurry to my viewers? On OBS it looks perfect.

    I'm streaming at 1080P 30FP. Bitrate 5000. My internet upload speed is 99mbps, download speed is 700 mbps. So I'm using obs and streamster, the problem happens to both. I tried all the encoder options. I tried to lower my resolution and bitrate. The video quality looks perfect on my end on...
  5. h3llb0i

    Lovense Browser - No save option?

    Hi guys, I recently got a lush and was going through the rigmarole of getting the lovense browser set up. I input all my info, I'm all properly hooked up...but at the bottom of the page there's no save button for my settings (therefore I can't even send a test tip to see if it's actually...