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  1. D


    Hello, I'd like to sell feet pics, but I'm not sure which app to use. Also if anyone has any tips I am all ears 🥰
  2. lil_popcorn

    My Wish List— how does it work?🧞‍♂️❤️

    Hello Community, I’ve added 2 wishlists to my Chaturbate profile. I’m hoping viewers can help me build my show up with their support in order to have more items to perform with. However, I was wondering if models need to give anything in return when customers purchase items on wishlist? Do...
  3. lil_popcorn

    Private Tip Menu— need ideas 💡

    Hello Community❤️ I’m an aspiring cam model, working on my Tip Menu and Private Tip Menu. I can’t seem to think of any good/valuable ideas for an exciting and not boring Private Cam Show. I would really appreciate suggestions! These are my ideas for a Private Cam Show: Foot job Pick any...
  4. A

    Ideas to help boost traffic while everywhere is slow

    Hey again everyone I'm here to ask and hopefully help everyone in collecting advice for tips on boosting traffic while the sites have been slow. A model i knight for told me she is struggling the last few months to either keep regulars or catch the attention of users. She knows Christmas period...
  5. MsFoxxxyGoddess

    Cam Girl Body “Perfecting” Tips?

    Here’s a few things me and a few of my friends wanted to find tips/hacks on • Covering Acne • Bad Hair Day • Stretch Marks • Pale • Best poses for small booty girls • Best poses for small tittie girls • Cheap alternatives for the broker cam girls Thank you in advance, I love hearing...
  6. Buja

    What do you do when there's absolute long-lasting dead silence in your room?

    I just logged off. Feeling frustrated and angry and anxious. Half an hour dead silence no one tipped no matter what I tried. Tried to change tip goal, new look, change positions. But viewers in my room just get less and less gradually and no one every tipped. No one talks either. 300 people in...
  7. MillyNoelle

    Switch/Femdom/Findom newbie advice?

    Hi! (sorry for my english in advance, I'm scandinavian) I live in a full time ddlg relationship in which I'm very happy. I've always been very bratty as a little but recently I've been exploring my switch/femdom/findom side (online) which has been very fun and empowering for me. I would think...
  8. Minimal_Yume

    Camming as an average girl - Camscore hell

    Hi everyone! Firstable just wanted to express how truly thankful I feel to have found this forum, I joined approximately 3 weeks ago and I have been reading and learning soooo sooo much! It truly feels less lonely to have this community 😊 I finally decided to make my first post about my...
  9. Tjking258

    New here looking for only fans tips

    Hi, I’m new here and still feeling it out. Ive been a male stripper for years but just now getting into only fans. Looking for tips and advice, possibly help building subscribers.