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  1. H

    I'm new and I have a few questions!

    Hey everyone! I'm new on CB and I have a few questions. I started only a week ago, and I only made 140 tokens one day. The rest of the days I got 0 to 25 tokens each day (I did shows for 4 of the 7 days with the new tag). I have friends who work on CB as cam models, and they told me that they...
  2. iva_handfull

    Who are these people??

    I have noticed for the past month or so that the number of viewers in my room is hundreds of times higher than what I normally see. (900+ viewers compared to 40 or so) However, the increase in traffic is from non-registered accounts. Initially when I saw the huge spike in viewers, I thought...
  3. H

    Do the most popular cam girls also have low days every now and then?

    I have heard that you all have low days every now and then but does it also happen to the top models? Because every time I check them out they always have thousands of people in their room every day
  4. K

    I can get a lot of viewers but very few tips

    For example tonight I had 500+ viewers which was more than ever, but I had earned only 1000 tokens and less than 20 people every tipped. But some nights night I got 150 viewers but much more tips I received... Do you have any solutions?
  5. Trix_dancer

    Struggling to get viewers

    I've been camming on CB for just over a month and I literally did so much research and everything in my power to get my following up as high as possible for the first week. I had a tech guy volunteer to help me, I went on Jeff's 15 min show (he won't do a show with me because I'm not explicit)...
  6. sweetcap33

    MFC Screen Size

    Hi guys! I wanted to know if MyFreeCams has a way where we can turn the screen size of us to square instead of widescreen, if anyone knows
  7. P

    I need models to promote!

    I'm looking for models that work on iFriends. If you're not on iFriends, it's not hard to sign up. I have a ton of traffic I'm sending there, but only a few models that fit my criteria. If you're interested in getting your cam promoted heavily, post in the thread. I just signed up today so I...
  8. Puffin

    MFC share view stats

    Been looking at Does anyone understand how the view statistics on MFC share works? No information about the stats can be found in the wiki. Unless I'm missing something there seems to be no straight way of members going from MFC's main site to the share site, so...