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Dec 22, 2016
After a short break, Lovense toy support is back on SoulCams!
Thanks to our awesome team, Lovense interactive toys are now better supported, allowing Models to use all features.
In case you do not have one yet, head over to the Lovense website and order yours today! If you already own one (or more šŸ˜‰), follow our instructions on the SoulCams WiKi page here.

Toys that were previously connected toSoulCams have to be connected again.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them with us at


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Since 2017, SoulCams has been a unique token-based platform for adult webcam shows. Our dedicated team, with over 10 years of industry experience, provides a transition between classic webcam sites and tip-based platforms.

With a competitive token system offering a remarkable 90% share (70% base commission + 20% from referred members), you can maximize your earnings.

Earn even more with our Member Referral Bonus, receiving an additional 20% share for members you refer to us.

We offer bi-weekly payouts through various methods, including wire transfer, Paypal, CosmoPayment, and Paxum.

Enjoy lucrative bonuses like the $2,000 Welcome Bonus and the $1,000 Loyalty Bonus. Sell your content on SoulCams and set up your Fan club to generate extra income.

Participate in contests and awards with a monthly prize pool of $25,000, and enjoy chargeback protection for added security.

Our platform is user-friendly with OBS support, and we also support Lovense Interactive Toys for enhanced experiences.

Count on our friendly and helpful site support team to provide personalized assistance, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey as a webcam model on SoulCams.


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How to Earn the $2,000 Welcome Bonus:

Earning the welcome bonus is straightforward. Models need to earn a minimum of $500 in six consecutive periods. Each month is divided into two earning periods: the first period spans from the 1st to the 15th, while the second period covers the 16th until the end of the month.

Continuity is key to qualifying for the bonus, as models must consistently earn at least $500 per month for six consecutive periods. It is important to note that all income types count towards the bonus, except for bonuses themselves. Here is a breakdown of income types that affect and do not affect the Loyalty Program calculation:


Private shows (standard, One-on-One)
Online tip
Offline tip
Video content sale
Premium photo album sale
Fan Club subscription
Not affecting:

Awards prizes, Contest prizes
4-Hours Top, Monthly Top prizes
Email confirm bonus
New member bonus
Loyalty bonus
Qualifying for the Bonus:

As soon as a model earns over $500 in a period, SoulCams will contact them via the platformā€™s inner-messaging system after the period ends. If models would like to track their progress towards qualifying for the bonus, they can reach out to SoulCams support at

Receiving the $2,000 Bonus:

Once a model fulfills all the requirements, the $2,000 bonus will be added to their statistics within five business days after the end of the period. This bonus represents a significant opportunity for models to boost their earnings and achieve their financial goals.

Suggested Strategies for Success:

To maximize earning potential and build a stable income, models are encouraged to engage in the following activities:

Cultivate loyal members: Building a base of loyal members ensures a steady stream of income. Models should maintain regular contact with their members using the platformā€™s inbuilt messaging system, attaching images and fostering personal connections.
Utilize social media: Leveraging social media platforms like Twitter or personal sites/blogs can help models engage with existing fans and attract new ones. Consistent and strategic use of social media can significantly enhance a modelā€™s visibility and income potential.
Contacting SoulCams Support:

For any inquiries or questions regarding the welcome bonus or other aspects of the platform, models can reach out to SoulCams support through the following channels:





The $2,000 welcome bonus offered by SoulCams presents an enticing opportunity for models to augment their earnings and establish financial stability. By meeting the requirements and actively engaging with their audience, models can unlock this bonus and propel their success within the adult webcam industry.


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The ladies and gents from cam land have my full respect for having a device inside of you for some or all of your broadcasts.
You are a lot braver than me.
I know for a fact if i had ever tried it for the first time, i would be like......
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