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  1. QuinnLane

    Lovense Dongle vs phone connection

    I'm planning to get a Lush 2 soon, and I'm wondering if it's worth getting the USB dongle or if using a phone to connect it is good enough? I've been searching through threads but I can't seem to find an answer.
  2. Lelo1

    Lovense OBS overlay

    Did any one else not realize Lovense added an overlay? :O Not only that, but also dice game for toy vibration.
  3. L

    Debating on which Lovense products I want to purchase?

    Hello lovelies, I'm Lily and I've been camming with CB for about a year or two now and have recently began becoming more serious about being a long-term camgirl. I am wanting to take the big leap and get a Lush, but upon going to Lovense's site I see they're having a massive sale! I know I want...
  4. BadgirlIvy

    I broke my

    Anyone else break their Lovense Lush? I read up a lot about it and I guess the reason they came out with the second one was because of the total and complete design flaw. The bluetooth is in the egg and not the 'tail' like it is in the Lush 2. But yeah, mine snapped at the butt of the tail! {pic...
  5. Drexoxo

    Lovense browser not working

    So I’ve been having issues with the lovense browser not connecting. It just constantly tells me that I need to login to the lovense connect. However I will be logged in. I’ve updated the browser, I’ve updated the app, I’ve tried logging out and back in, I’ve tried clearing history and cookies...

    Lovense Beta Testers

    Hey everyone! We are looking for BETA TESTERS to test out our new SmartCam software! Requirements - Using Windows 7 or above and also using our extension. If you are interested or want to find our more info then just DM us. Thank you! Amy Lovense Team
  7. xoxAprilJames

    Lovense and Privates!

    My Lush just arriiiiived just in time for me to set it up and cam in a couple hours! I'm super excited but also wondering how y'all use yours when it comes to Privates, if you do those? Do they just tip on top of the private rate to get the thing going? It's been touched on in other threads...
  8. dustGirl

    [Lovense] Lost men seeking domme

    Hi ladies, We have that community for Lovense users, strictly amateurs - non-cam models. It looks like 70% of audience are men seeking to be used by strong women. Yes, you ladies! If you are that type of person, please help those poor bastards :) You don't have to have Lovense product, you...
  9. AmberrCrystal

    recommendations for lovense / ohmibod

    I'm wanting to get one of these toys to spice up my streams and make a bit more cash but not sure what ones are good or not. I don't want to spend loads of money just for them to not work. Are they all able to be connected through streams or do some only work with the remote given? Ideally I'd...

    Looking for OBS Beta testers

    Hey everyone! We have developed an OBS plug-in and are looking for 10-15 beta testers. In order to be considered, you need to be using Windows and already have experience using OBS. We will need you to test it out and give us feedback based on your experience. We want to hear what you have...
  11. h3llb0i

    Lovense Browser - No save option?

    Hi guys, I recently got a lush and was going through the rigmarole of getting the lovense browser set up. I input all my info, I'm all properly hooked up...but at the bottom of the page there's no save button for my settings (therefore I can't even send a test tip to see if it's actually...
  12. QuinnLane

    Lush vs Osci

    I'm looking to get a toy, not for use on cam (just yet) and I'm debating between the Lush and Osci from Lovense. Does anyone have the Osci, and if so what are your opinions?
  13. BabygirlBarnes

    Lovense Nora vs. Lush

    So I'm really into the idea of getting a Lovense toy. I know everyone sees/hears Lovense in the camming world and immediately thinks "Lush" (including my viewers lmao). While I see the obvious benefits, the idea of the Nora (and the accompanying affiliate revenue from getting viewers to buy a...
  14. Smores

    Lovense Chrome Extension Versus CB Lovense Bots

    The Lovense Chrome Extension has its own notification system to tippers in a room, when tips trigger the vibrator. But many models are running Lovense "bots", such as this one. What are the reasons to be running both the Chrome Extension as well as a Lovense bot? What additional options...
  15. Smores

    Difference Ohmibod and Kiiroo Esca?

    What is the relationship between Ohmibod and Kiiroo's Esca, which looks a lot like the Lovense Lush? It's confusing only because the product name is Esca, but their online demonstrations show Ohmibod as one of the affiliated logos. As best I can tell Kiiroo makes the Esca hardware, and...
  16. Kirby

    Domi lovense? worth it...?

    Of course, the lush is the more popular one. I see so many girls with the pink antenna. I'm not really a fan and would prefer the domi, especially because I prefer clit stimulation... I haven't really seen anyone use a domi. Is there a reason? Do people prefer the lush? I've seen the lush and...
  17. Smores

    Any Way for Model to Set Max Vibration Level in Lovense App?

    A model told me today that she does not like to give viewers access to the Lovense app because viewers have no idea what they are doing with it and set the vibration level so high that it hurts her. I have noticed on the viewer side in the Lovense app that it has a very bad user interface and...
  18. CurvyJ


    Hey so I finally got my hush and lush 2.0 I was wondering if anyone would mind helping me out? When we were getting tips on our stream our stream was laggy and would freeze... we were using just one, the hush at the time, does this happen often? Im worried this will happen even more if we...
  19. G Spot

    Giveaway: Domi By Lovense

    Hey Everyone, I am celebrating my one year anniversary and wanted to keep this short and sweet. I’m running a giveaway for a Domi. It’s a wand created by Lovense. Please enter the contest at:[link redacted - amber] Good luck to all! [due to events later in this thread, and previous...
  20. thebongcat

    experienced lovense user suddenly having issue.. help!!

    Sorry for another lovense thread guys, i did a search and could not find one addressing this issue. I have owned my lovense for over a year no issues.. suddenly it stops working on chrome (im aware of the extension issues)... so after a bunch of trial and error with the browser etc...then i...