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2 factor authentication system stripchat (2FA)

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Nov 22, 2023
First of all, I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate stripchat and the stripchat support team. I also appreciate the constant innovations and improvements that stripachat introduces on a regular basis.

I use two factor authentication, which massively increases cyber security.

Virtually all internet services (e-mail accounts, banks, etc.) that use 2FA have some sort of security system that you can use to access the site if you lose access to the authenticator app. Often these are codes that you can print out and keep safe.

I would be very happy if stripchat could improve their 2FA system in the same way.
I set up my 2FA system on stripchat about a year ago. If a fallback system has been set up in the meantime, please let me know.
Hey @Agi
Thank you for your lovely comments ❤️
I'll be sure to pass on these wonderful thoughts to all our teams.

Regarding 2FA improvement; your feedback is valid and has now been passed on to the relevant team.
Thank you for the suggestion.

In the meantime, should you lose access to the authenticator app, you can proceed like this:
- contact our support team from your registered email:
- request a deactivation of your 2FA
- they will verify you to ensure the account is yours and then deactivate the 2FA feature
- you can then activate it again with your new authenticator app
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Hi @Charlie_SC
Thank you very much for your competent and detailed reply.
I really appreciate you forwarding my request to the appropriate team.
Fortunately, I have never lost access to my account, but you never know ;-)
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Happy to hear that @Agi
And thanks again for the suggestion.
We always love ideas that help us improve our platform.
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