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3D avatar verification and new model promotion status

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Jun 5, 2022
Hello @punker barbie
My ticket number is 19725452

I am Nia - hentai avatar creator and user. I am in a process of my 3D hentai avatar verification. I know the process, so I created and notified about my alt irl room and etc. So I tried to notify from the start of streaming. But my account still suspended from my first day of streaming.

I want just to make sure that my message is not lost. Because I am waiting 2 days for answer. 🥺

And also if it possible I have a strange feeling that something wrong with promotion period for new models (I am newbie on CB). Can you also check it, because I am loosing time from it being suspended and also I suspect that something wrong happen with promo period and I didn't get a "New model" tag...

Sincerely, Nia.