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A little happy thing

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Jun 12, 2022
Back in January I posted this:

At the start of October last year, a model from Colombia who I visited regularly had collapsed on stream and abruptly gone dark. She was very ill for a while and then reappeared around Christmas time. Sadly, her reappearance was very brief and she vanished again as she was hospitalised. I never heard from her again and despite keeping an eye open for her reappearing, by the end of January her account on Streamate vanished.

Well, yesterday when I was bored, I found myself browsing offline models in Streamate and there she was. New name but definitely her. More amazingly, her "last seen" showed a time of the night before. So last night I waited up a bit later than normal - 1am - and she came online. She's had a terrible time in and out of hospital over the past six months followed by a battle with the studio to get access to her account but she's now back camming.

I know this is a small thing and not really important in the grand scheme, but I can't express how happy I was to see her and to find out that she is ok. Seeing her was lovely. Not in a model/member sense but in that way when you see someone you know after a long time and you are both bursting with news and pleased to hear from one another.

I'm really only sharing it here because if I told anyone in my life they would think I was mental, and a pervert.
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