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account suspended help @punkerbarbie

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May 13, 2024
Really really frustrated. I see this is clearly an issue.

Been on for almost 6 weeks. I verified even before ever camming. I've been building followers, over 15k, and then I get an email today saying I've been suspended for "appearing to be too young"

Like what is that? So I'm discriminated against having good genes? I was asked to verify during a show a few weeks ago which I did, and no issues. But why am I not sent any warnings or anything? What's the point of asking for government ID if it doesn't matter because I "look young". So basically someone was mad I ignored them or something on my stream and reported me? That's my guess.

Try back in 6 months. Well, I guess in 6 months I might look 30 years older? It makes zero sense to me. This is an extra revenue stream for me. I really needed it. I contacted them about it, but I don't want to wait forever for a response. It says I'll get my tokens on the next payout but is that guaranteed? I have a ton sitting there. Also when I go on it says I'm Approved, but also "Person Rejected" and that my account is not age verified now. So do I wait for them to respond to me or do I sent stuff to verify again?

please help @punkerbarkie
@punker barbie I only have an original email from them saying my ability to broadcast was suspended. It also stated that “rest assured, any tokens you still have in your account will be distributed on our next payout date.” Well all my tokens are still sitting in my account and I cannot convert them to cash so is my money being held hostage now? I’m really upset about this because I did nothing wrong. Please help me.
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