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Account suspended.....

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Apr 4, 2024
Hi, today I've tried to login onto my cb account and i got the following message "Your ability to broadcast has been suspended. If you believe this is in error, please contact support." the problem is that i didn't break any rules and i didn't get any reason for that. Can someone please tell me how can i reach them?? Tried emailing support but no success.
Hello and thank you for your replay, email them and got back an vague answer,

Your account has been flagged due to an unverified independent broadcaster who appeared on your broadcast on April 3rd, 2024. Because of this, your account has been suspended. Once an independent broadcaster appears on camera who is not age-verified, the only way to reactivate the ability to broadcast is to have the unverified individual who appeared on your broadcast upload their ID for age verification at

Please let us know once you have uploaded their ID so that we can assist you further. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy.
Thank you,
The Chaturbate Team

Witch is impossible since i live all by myself, tried to explain them that i was the only one broadcasting, but they keep asking for verification for someone else....
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Hello @winchesterguy87 I have confirmed that the support team has responded to your inquiry. Ticket #23313569
Yes, they responded to my email, but they are keep asking for the same thing, to verify the person that was broadcasting (was me all the time, and only me) how can i send them something i can't because there was no one else beside me broadcasting. i never show my face on the broadcasting but ive always done the checks whenever i was asked to do so.
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