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Acount got hacked

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Apr 16, 2024
I got a email today saying someone logged into my acount so I was worried and I rushed on clicking it without thinking now I can't log into my acount and my email was changed on the account I'm super worried now!! I submitted a ticket but I'm worried it will be to late . The account name is Bigred111795 @punker barbie
Do you have a credit card saved? If so you should contact your bank and have the card locked if they support that. If charges have been made since your account was hacked you can try contacting billing support: and maybe talk to a human.

Also check if you received an email informing you of the email address change. Hopefully it has a "This wasn't me" link in it.
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Sounds like a phishing email scam. Until verified of its authenticity, I would not be clicking anymore links from suspicious emails.
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