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age verification problem

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Jul 5, 2022
ticket no. 19904734
name of the account: alunax

Hi all!
So I'm trying to get verified on the website with my driver license AND regular ID card. I used to have an account with my girlfriend last year and got verified with an email with picture of this same ID. I decided to try chaturbate now in 2022,solo, but my cards keep getting denied. When i try to email, I only get automatic messages from the support asking for a passport. First, why do they have driver license option and ID card option if its not valid for them ?! Also, as i explained in many email, i can't get a passport right now cause i would have to travel to another vcity and pay for one, and i do not have the money for that at the moment, also the reason WHY i need this job. I don't understand why i am not able to get any answer from a real human being and not an automatic message everytime. Also, my friend from canada tried on her side and literally got verified with an EXPIREDcard, and that twice!!! I really feel like this is a joke. Can i get any help from someone here ? I really need this job. Thank you to anyone able to help! @punker barbie ?
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