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Nov 25, 2020
OK I had a different reason for getting a age verification, someone owed me money and could only pay me back in tokens, but in order for me to be able to receive tokens (I am not a model) I had to get age verified. I wrote Chaturbate and explained the situation and they replied I needed to get age verified then all would be OK and told me how to do it, I thought to myself "why" but I'd just do it. I got my ID out, my cell phone with camera, held ID up to face, everything was clear and readable, took pic, uploaded it to Chaturbate and waited for conformation, it was night time. A few seconds later I received a email from Chaturbate Support saying I was denied because pic was not clear enough. I thought to myself what are they talking about ?. To make a long story short, that night I submitted approximately 25 photo's with ID. I finally dawned on me that someone working at Chaturbate was having fun with me and kept denying me.
I waited till next day, wrote Chaturbate support and asked if my letter be given to a Supervisor, explained how many times I had submitted photo's and asked if he would please review my submitted photo's and tell me what was wrong, 30 seconds later I received a email back from Chaturbate saying I was approved.
The moral of the story is, upload your photo and ID during the day, as I think they are playing with some at night.