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Another totally original “what am I doing wrong” thread lol

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Apr 4, 2020
Sydney, New South Wales
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Hey peeps,

This is my first post outside of the introductions thread and I hope this is the right place to post. I know you get so many of these, i’ve looked through the post history and read replies to other posters asking this same question but i’m running out of ideas.

To preface i’m a trans girl and brand new to camming so I know i’m already disqualifying a sizeable chunk of audience but I know there’s definitely a viewer base for trans girls but I just can’t get them to watch me!

i’ve logged about 30 hours on CB now but no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get viewers and when I do they just lurk and aren’t engaged. I’ve tried different lighting and angles, i’ve tried outfit changes, i’ve tried being cute and chatty, i’ve tried the more direct approach starting with my boobs out, i’ve tried makeup, no makeup, I’ve done my nails on stream, I have light music in the background, I try different genres, i’ve tried reading books, playing guitar, teasing with toys, teasing my butt, playing a dice game I wrote down on a piece of paper which tbh probably got the best engagement i’ve had but it’s still almost nothing compared to friends I know who have just started but are already getting regulars in their room chatting and tipping.

I start my streams bubbly and positive, i’m naturally outgoing so talking to the camera and rambling on about myself isn’t an issue. But whereas my friends start getting viewers after 15-20 mins and people talking and engaging with them I can sit there for 4-5 hours without a single tip or anyone talking to me and honestly it’s getting soul crushing. They’ve watched my streams and don’t understand, they say i’m doing everything they are yet people just don’t seem to want to watch. I get people pop in, then leave after 10 seconds.

If I had people chatting to me and engaging and hopefully tipping i’d be able to keep my energy going and have fun with it, because I genuinely have fun chatting and showing off online, but I am really starting to doubt myself, I just don’t know what i’m doing wrong and why I don’t get people engaging or tipping.

I’m using a good dslr as my webcam and a professional microphone and lighting, i’m a photographer so I like to think I know how to make a scene look nice. At this stage I am just lost on what else I can try. I have lowered my tip goals, I have my bots well optimized afaik, but i’m struggling badly. I was online for 6 hours yesterday without a single token and it’s starting to take a toll on my emotional well being, I logged off and cried. My friends who are also trans have super basic setups but do well every single time.

Anyway sorry for the rant, I really enjoy camming when i’m getting engagement but for the majority of my streams i’m struggling to break 10 viewers and it’s starting to make it not fun 😢

Some pics of a few of my recent looks for context, the second pic was just a lighting test, my bed is clear when I stream aside from a book or a guitar or some toys etc

Any helpor advice is greatly appreciated! I always post a few hours before hand promoting my stream on all socials using the same username and a link to my room also, i’m hustling it the best I know hoe but still nothing 😢


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Feb 18, 2020
I'm by no mean an expert, as I started recently, but did you try sites outside CB? While I started I tried barely all existing sites, and after a couple of weeks I opened new accounts on those I liked (for the promo period), and focused on them. CB wasn't amongst them. I had a situation a bit similar to yours on it, and I spent a lot of time trying to understand what I did wrong, but get no real answer about it.

I feel like CB has a bit a different athmosphere from most other sites. I got some successful streams, but I can't even say what I did better on those ones. Got two users coming often and tipping me, but never speaking or answering me in free chat or pm.

My feeling about most hosts on CB is that more then 50% are multistreaming on other sites, and funneling it to CB, as the no limit freechat is nice for that. Some CB host do really imaginative or rather extreme shows, but I spent sometimes hours in their room counting their tips, and I can't say that I'm amazed by them, especially compare to the physical activity that it demands.

I got a couple of advices that worked a lityle bit for CB - the first is too have friends tipping you on a regular basis, as that may push other users to do the same, and boost your position (friendly tips aren't forbid there, it's even recommended on their official wiki).

The second advice was about getting users with tokens in your room. Appearantly the CB algorithms raise your camscore if you have paid users, even if they don't tip you. I got no proof of it, but when I asked everybody I knew to log to my room and leave AFK, I got more activity, even if it was 8 light blue users.

I also used minimal bots, because I've felt it's irritating to have three A4 pages of text falling in the chat each 5 mins.

Finally I got the feeling that CB recquires a specific mindset that I didn't had. It was my worst webcam experience, financially, and psychologically, as I felt cheap and vulnerable, performing in free chat for two payers and 50 freeloaders. Perhaps I'm gonna retry it one day as I hate to stay on a failure, but I'm just happy now to ended that.
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Definitely try another site. There's a market for everybody, and sometimes even when the site lets you host - just like with cis women and men categories - it doesn't mean it's the right site for you.

I know trans streamers have a harder time finding sites that will let them broadcast, but it's definitely worth to look. Of the top of my head, I know skyprivate and cammodeldirectory (both Skype-based sites) allows for trans people to work through their site, and you're able to wait for the viewer to come to you without having the camera pointed on you the entire time, which definitely takes the edge off.

With camsites similar to chaturbate, I know stripchat also allows trans; for private show-focused sites, also has a trans category.

So relax, sign up to a new site, and enjoy getting the new label traffic boosts. You've got this :h:


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Oct 27, 2018
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Hi and welcome to chaturbate !! I really love it there, and it is the most trans-welcoming I've seen.

My first recommendation is softer lighting. The pink hue is cute but the shadows are dark and it makes it less flattering. I also feel like your background is a little busy, you want to make sure you are the focus! I like the first pic you showed much better than the second. That framing + brighter / softer lighting would draw people in more I think.

Also, make sure to utilize tags! I think the limit is 5 tags now.
Go to this page this page and choose some more popular tags that suit you and your show. For example, right now I use #bbw #bigboobs #young #natural #bush . I have an app for my goal/room title and I always have these tags at the end.

Greet everyone who messages / tips, if there's a new tipper I go "Hi soandso, welcome! thanks so much!".
If no ones talking or anything yet don't force yourself, just vibe and dance and tease. Move slowly. Smile when you make eye contact with the camera.

I think that's all i got rn haha! good luck~~
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