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Ban after creating new account

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Jul 18, 2023
Hello dear @punker barbie,

The broadcaster worked on the Chaturbate platform from a studio for 2 years without any problems (registered with an ID card). She decided to open an individual account in April and uploaded another valid document there - a travel passport.
After that 2 accounts (studio account and individual) were banned.
Support response: "Please note that I.S. is suspected of serious violation of our terms of service."
After that support ignores all letters to this day. What rules are violated - it is not clear.

An id card was uploaded to one account.
A travel passport was loaded to the second account.
This does not violate the rules of the platform Chaturbate in any way.

Please help!
(request #21637293)
Hello @studacc I have confirmed that the support team has responded to your inquiry. Ticket #16661782

Unfortunately, there was only an excuse according to the template. The support did not say the reason for the ban:

"As we trust you are aware, your ability to access your account(s) has been disabled; and, your ability to access your account(s) will not be restored, as your ban from the Chaturbate platform is permanent. If you're within the small majority of individuals who are permanently banned, yet entitled to a final payout or a token refund (as opposed to the tokens being donated to charity or retained in connection with fraudulent activity or violation of a permanent ban), we will be reaching out in the near future regarding the payout/refund.
Please note that should you access any accounts in violation of this permanent ban, such accounts will be subject to termination without warning and any amounts associated with such accounts will be deemed forfeit.
Please note that due to the nature of your account status, we will be very likely not to respond to emails regarding your permanent ban."
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Account "XBlack_RoseX":

Two weeks ago the ability to broadcast was limited:
"Your ability to broadcast has been suspended
Your account is not age verified
I... M... - DOB: Apr 27, 1986 Person Rejected"

Support does not respond, all emails are ignored. What happened is unknown. The model has been working for 8 years, there have never been any problems with her!

Please help!
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