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Ban and no explain.

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Apr 17, 2024
Hello, I was streaming maybe for a year. Year ago I received ban, first it started i couldnt withdraw tokens, then couldnt tip and receive. And after that I received email from CB, that I broke rules and its serious so I have permaban. But nobody explained why and how i broke rules. Im not aware of anything. True is, I maybe made fault, when one fellow broadcaster asked me, if he can send me tokens and I will send him money, because he had some problems with Paxum or what, maybe because of sanctions at Russia. But hepersonally can hardly be objet of sanctions from west, just one young russian model. Somebody said, maybe i received fake or stolen tokens, which absolutely didnt cross my mind its possible. And support from CB is not answering. Can anybody advice me please? My nickname was _Small_and_crazy_