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Mar 17, 2019
Hi @punker barbie barbie
My CB username is dillywilly05 and I and my girlfriend performed last night.
I went into our profile and it says that our account has been banned. Is there any way that we can rectify this ban? We are sorry if we have broken any of your terms of service and really should have taken more time out to read them. We are new cammers and have never really had to stick to any strict rules like this before.

Unfortunately, I received no notice or notification about the ban. Is there any way that this ban can be lifted? We have had a proper read of the Terms of service now and feel confident that nothing will happen again. I am sorry for any trouble we have caused.

Kind regards,
Jan 2, 2016
Hi there dillywilly053,

After confirming with a supervisor from support I can tell you that your account is currently not banned. If you are running into a banned message or some other error message feel free to write into support and they will be happy to help you more!
Yes! Because of your efforts,Problem solved, just ten minutes ago!!
I'll never do anything stupid again!
Thank you very much!!! :h::h::h: