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Beneficiary name

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Jun 10, 2023
Hello everyone, Stripchat model. I have a problem that needs reference as follows. After entering full First name and Last name information for Stripchat, my Beneficiary name in Stripchat is reversed between First name and Last name. [REDACTED] Currently I use the International Wire Transfer method. I read Stripchat's rules as follows: " You must choose the one that matches the name of the owner of the bank account where the money will be sent to; if they don't, your payments will be suspended." Let me ask if there is such a difference, will Stripchat pay me? Will it affect my payment? Has anyone encountered a situation like mine?
Let me ask more: I use the International Wire Transfer method. After the first week, I looked at the Token history and saw that the model's token was transferred to the Studio but did not see the payment status. So in the second week, Stripchat will show the payment status, right?
Thank you very much.
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