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Blocking unregistered users on CB

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Apr 2, 2020
The dark side of the moon
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So its nice seeing your viewer count in the thousands but every time it seems to be like 90% or more unregistered (anonymous) users and then still more gray users who have never tipped a cent to anyone.

I have no interest showing my booty to freeloaders, yes even a gray user can add money to tip but if he hasnt done so for any of the other amazing girls on show i doubt hes gonna do it for me. i have blocked grays from chatting as they tend to be disruptive with weird requests and over the top explicit comments but i would really prefer if i wasn't viewable to anyone who at the very least has a CB account.

There are apps that say they block unregistered viewers, but i have read that using these also takes you off the home page or worse doesnt even block them from seeing you but only hides the viewers so i cant see them.

So looking for thoughts and opinions, do we just sigh and do the show for a thousand guys who will never tip or take the viewer hit and hope the regulars and subs keep the numbers up?
There is no way to block video or chat from anonymous viewers AND keeps you on the main page. Every app with a hidden cam mode (crazy ticket, block anonymous viewers etc.) will make you appear on the "private show" page and your thumbnail preview gets frozen from the moment that you turned such an app on.
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