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Broadcast suspended

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Mar 3, 2024
Good morning, my CB account has been suspended due to a self-harm alarm, what happened is that I translated and wrote a text wrong and I made the mistake of not verifying before sending the message, they responded to an email and told me that it was not yet It's time to remove the suspension, I respond to that email explaining in detail but a month has passed and they don't respond to me, can you please help me. thank you so much. My nick: little_universe @punker barbie
Hello @littleun I have confirmed that the support team has responded to your inquiry. Ticket #23091369
Thank you very much for responding, they only responded once and said that it was not yet time to lift my suspension, I responded to that email more than a month ago and they still have not responded to me, I want to know how long I have to wait. thank you very much for your attention
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It's probably best to focus on another platform at this time. I've read before of suspension lasting up to six months time in regards to self-harm issues.
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