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cam2cam, models cam switched off

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May 4, 2021
Hi, I have a question regarding Cam2cam.

I've only done cam2cam with 3 models, the third was today.

I messaged the model before we started asking to do cam2cam, she agreed and I even paid an extra tip beforehand as agreed.

When the show started, I could see the reflection of her monitor in her mirror and I could clearly see that she couldn't see me.

I asked if she could see me and she said no, I said that I wanted her to see me.

At this point, she noticed the reflection in the mirror and simply moved her monitor screen.

My question is, is it common for cam models to not switch the customer's monitor on during cam2cam?

It's not as though I was doing anything extreme (though I'm not judging others), pulling faces, or saying anything offensive whatsoever.

It was a standard sat down showing from the face down shot.

But she wouldn't have even known that because she didn't activate the cam.

I'm new to cam sites and I mostly joined for the appeal of the cam2cam experience.

But this has put me off a bit now.

One thing I will add though is she was new, so was it just beginners' nerves, or is this common practice?

if you find a model that she knows what is she doing then all will be fine. My advice, before private stay in a room few minutes and check if that girl is talking with audience and if she is smart too ,not only hot , if there is someone typing few words and only looking at her monitor , then she wont even know how to open your cam probably . And i agree with you, cam2cam is fun, im tired to look at myself every private, wanna see someone else and something else :)))
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Yeah, I get that. I could tell that she was inexperienced because she covered her cam at one point whilst in the general chat room and I heard what sounded like an older lady walk into the room and offer her advice (though it was in Spanish so I’m only assuming she was offering her advice by the sounds of the conversation alone).
I still feel dissatisfied with the performance, but it’s good to know that it was likely down to inexperience rather than deliberate deceit.
I just wish she would have asked for help again during the c2c.
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