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Camming in public places

Discussion in 'General Cam Chat' started by habibibutt, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. habibibutt

    Dec 5, 2017
    So i signed up for chaturbate today, me and my boyfriend watch the cam girls, so i decided to sign up for an account, did a show for about 45 minutes, and got banned.

    The ban was for showing myself in public, (My office)

    Dear habibibutt,

    Our records show you were banned for the following reason:

    Rule Description: Broadcasting in public places is not allowed

    This is a warning. Please refrain from doing this again.

    Please respond that you understand the warning and will not violate this rule again and we will unlock your account.

    Thank you!
    Thank you,

    Ok so i didnt read the 20 page agreement, however i see models broadcasting in their offices all the time, why was mine banned?

    Also i did want to be able to broadcast from the gym, which i am also assuming is a no no.

    Is there any cam sites that would allow me to broadcast in public?
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  2. CoffeeKnight

    Oct 29, 2017
    Those 'public' shows or the ones with their boss, brother's best friend, or whatever are faked. You can't have anyone on cam that isn't verified to be of legal age. There was a time, on MFC at least, when shows in public were allowed or at least existed in more of a gray area than now and they started to get out of hand. People were caught and got in trouble for public indecency. If the site hasn't put a stop to it eventually they would have been in trouble for encouraging that type of behavior or worse broadcasting minors. I'm assuming Chaturbate works under a similar mindset.
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  3. ExcellaExe

    Cam Model

    Nov 22, 2016
    Legally you cannot cam publicly because anyone that comes into the feed has to be verified and signed the 2257 that you sign when you begin working for your site. This is why MFC girls work together because any MFC girl can cam together since they're all verified.

    Those shows you watched are faked and have the element of suspension of disbelief. You suspend your disbelief long enough to live in the fantasy that what you're watching is real, when it legally or logically cannot be. I'm surprised you lasted that long on CB, to be honest.

    tl;dr no you cannot cam in public. You can fake camming in public like some do, such as camming in your home office, but actual public no.
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  4. AudriTwo

    Cam Model

    Jul 25, 2014
    Do you really wanna risk getting caught and being charged with indecent exposer? Then you find yourself on a very life damaging list that impacts where you can live and go. All for maybe a certain amount of tokens?

    If you wanna do "public" shows, stage them. Do it in a private place that isn't open to the public. You need to have every 2257 filled of everyone appearing on cam (voice included) and your site should be aware of your show.

    The biggest thing about porn is consent. Every party involved needs to consent and full understanding to the media you are producing. Not everyone wants to end up on a porn site.
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  5. SaffronBurke

    Cam Model

    Jan 3, 2013
    The only sites where you can stream in public, are ones on which adult content is banned.
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  6. Mintx

    Cam Model

    Apr 6, 2017
    You cannot stream in public. When you see models streaming in public or in an "office" it is (or should be) their private property. :D
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