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May 23, 2019
Hello all,
long time no hear from us, I know :blackeye:

We have been busy, busy with our tools, busy with the site and busy with writing manuals (still working in progress)

The news in short:
  • We have released a free tool called TelePrompter.
    • The purpose is to help performers to read their chat messages while using OBS.
    • If you stream from a system with a single screen it might become difficult to check your stream and to read the incoming chat-, private- and tip-messages.
    • This nifty tool provides transparency and can be made sticky so it always stay on top.
    • Placed over the OBS screen and set to transparent gives you the ability to have both, check your camera stream and read the chat.
  • We built a small Chrome extension to work with our tools.
    • It saves bandwidth
    • It forwards all events from your broadcast to our apps
    • Can now even read PMs and tipnotes
    • Adds to your privacy
  • We did major updates in our TipTicker tool, to make it more reliable and stable.
    • Now supports multiple languages (Spanish, Englich, French and German).
    • Includes TelePrompter (see above).
    • Plays now sounds
    • Can use our Chrome-Extension for extended capabilities
    • With the Chrome plugin you are now able to react on room entries and room leavings
    • Works now relieble on multi monitor setups
    • Handles floating licenses (interesting for studios and those cammodel who have multiple rooms
    • Little statistics menu, which provides you some stats regarding tippers and tips
    • React specific on events filterd by User Names, User Roles (depending on Fan, Mod Tip amount) and date ranges
    • you are now able to copy an image, you have an preview and it is much easier to set the properties according your wishes
    • Help system. We provide now up-to-date help for all topics around TipTicker. All information is maintained online on site
    • Added loads more setups (called TTDesigns), sample images and sounds to the installation package
    • New Easy-Add-Image Wizard lets you easily add images to your running setup
    • Loads of bugs fixed and minor changes
  • For those who want to stream on multiple platforms we provide the Multiple-rtmp-outputs plugin for OBS as an easy setup program
    • Originally and actively developed by sorayuki. You can find his work here and here
    • See the post in OBS forum here.
    • For easy installation download the setup from our site.
  • All our software is now digitally signed. You are always able to check who has made this software.
Try our software. Ask us questions. Give us hints to improve. Pay once and use it forever. Visit us @ ComModelTools

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