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  1. surfergirlx

    Encoder overloaded OBS

    Hi guys, some days that we are streaming with OBS, it says that our "encoder may be overloaded," however our CPU usage is 3%. We shoot in 1080p, our bitrate is set to 6500kbps, keyframe interval 2s, and we are using ethernet cable with 10mbps upload speed (which shows to be pretty constant...
  2. C

    CamModelTools ... News

    Hello all, long time no hear from us, I know :blackeye: We have been busy, busy with our tools, busy with the site and busy with writing manuals (still working in progress) The news in short: We have released a free tool called TelePrompter. The purpose is to help performers to read their...
  3. Sugar_butt

    MFC Recording Club Shows w/ OBS

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for advice/ personal experiences from who may have tried or successfully recorded your own MFC club shows? I have a goal on my MFC Share page and once I reach it, I’m doing a show for anyone who participated at least a certain amount of tokens. However, there are kind...
  4. Streamster

    STREAMSTER - live video broadcasting software with a cloud-based multistreaming feature

    Hello everybody, I am a representative of Streamster (ex-Xtreamer), live broadcasting software (for Windows at the moment), which helps you to stream to multiple websites at the same time. All video splitting processes take place on our servers which minimizes the load on your processor and...
  5. Nigerian Prince

    Anyone know anything about Colour Range?

    I'm having this issue where my video looks great in OBS, and a little flatter, but it has too much contrast and looks over-saturated on the users end, and also when I look at sample recordings. Currently I have my colour range set on full, but it appears my recordings and stream are in partial...
  6. crimson_lion

    OBS help for MFC on Mac OS

    Hey everyone! I want to preface this by saying this is not for me, but for my friend who is a model on MFC. She has been struggling with setting up OBS for a while on her Macbook (New Model), and recently has been having trouble running it. She did the walkthrough through the MFC wiki, however...
  7. D

    OBS No audio when recording

    Hi! So this issue popped up a couple of weeks ago for me. I have audio when streaming, but none when recording. I had not changed any settings, it's simply just stopped on its own. I scoured the internet for answers and am really at a loss. Would appreciate any and all ideas. Thank you! <3
  8. D

    OBS picture quality on mobile

    I read some models on twitter telling that users' count drops when using OBS, maybe one of the reasons is picture quality on mobile:
  9. Knottyhottie

    OBS Help

    I've noticed some models on MFC using OBS have wheels with prizes that pop up when a certain number is tipped. Anyone know how to do this??
  10. Visceral

    Pvt Shows when using OBS

    Hey, so I recently started using OBS, and an external webcam. It came to my attention from one of my viewers that they can't request a private show when I'm using OBS. I don't wanna go back to using my internal webcam because it's a downgrade in my graphics but I'm losing money if I can't do...
  11. MilaRose

    How to Live Cam with 2 Cameras?

    I had a really cool idea for a particular show I want to do and it would be awesome to have a set up like what OBS can do on Twitch stream with 2 cameras in one scene. I know how to do it with OBS, but I don't know if I can stream that through a cam platform and I want to make this happen with...
  12. Streamster stream to multiple sites with a minimum processor and traffic usage

    Hi everybody, I am here to represent the new service for the camming industry. We are the restreaming service which allows streaming to multiple sites simultaneously. Unlike other restreaming services, Xtreamer compatible almost with all camming platforms and allows to stream not only RTMP, but...
  13. victoriaxjoy

    OBS graphics/effects/etc

    hello all! i recently downloaded OBS and have been playing around with it. however, for the life of me, i can't find any websites that provide graphics/effects for camgirls--they're all for Twitch streamers. if anyone has ANY pointers/ideas/help, i will appreciate it SO much!
  14. S

    Camming sites that support OBS?

    What are all the camming sites that support OBS instead of streammate,MFC,and CB? I hear that chrome will no longer support flash soon so im a bit worried
  15. SimplicityOfEmily

    Using Text Chat in Separate Window / Partnership Camming?

    Hey all. So, my friend is doing all of my back-end, and one of the things he's handling right now is sitting in the chatroom with me, to monitor PMs and boot people and deal with my bots and all that. The problem is, most of the time it seems alright. But, since we're at two locations and he's...
  16. NoraSkyes

    Best Streaming Experience?

    I am looking to up my stream quality, I live in a shed so I have no ability to connect to solid wifi and I have been using my phone's hotspot. I have been told my streams are choppy, lag and I have been told by a few guys that they would have taken me private if not for the poor FPS. I am...
  17. M

    Iphone as webcam? Yes its possible!

    If You have a not good webcam but have iphone You can stream thro iptone using obs :) The quality is looking nice ! Better than logitech :)
  18. passmeawhiskay

    OBS problem, stream shows bitrate info instead of video

    So, I did do a quick search in the forums and couldn't find a thread with my particular issue. I've used OBS just fine with twitch and I've followed the Chaturbate specific setup tutorial. Every time I hit stream on OBS, the video on Chaturbate is showing all the technical fancy shmancy IT...
  19. Lelo1

    Snap Camera

    Has any one looked into using Snap Camera? Looks like they have a guide to using Snap Camera with OBS.
  20. sstrunks

    Best encoder for streamate?

    Hello! I'm sorry if this question has already been asked but I've been having problems streaming on SM. I've only been using SMBroadcast and have noticed that once I hit about an hr into streaming my quality degrades and I start lagging, have serious delay or become pixellated. I usually have to...