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Mar 9, 2019
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The number in the thread subject is calculated from our credit card page as the ratio of the amount of credits that goes into the customer account divided by the amount the customer pays, for what I believe will be the average purchase: 100/109.08= 91.67%. Higher purchase amounts are more efficient, such as 1000/1072.47= 93.24%. Lower amounts are less efficient, such as 40/44.85= 89.19%. Explanation: For CamPatron models, a credit always pays out as a US dollar ($1.00 US). The site lives only off of the up-front fees charged when customers fill their own accounts. So, for CamPatron, dividing the credits by the amount paid gives an expression of the efficiency.

The challenge models have for all new entrants into the camsite market is: "What do you offer that we don't already get from the incumbents?" So, while trying to remain appropriately humble and yet do publicity at the same time, here is my response: CamPatron's contribution is to usher in a new era where models keep the vast majority of sites' gross (not net) revenue. For anyone unfamiliar, gross revenue just means all money paid by customers from their credit cards. 91.67% is very, very, high, and competitive with PayPal for credit card transactions. Net revenue is a different, smaller number, where it is easier to hit higher percentages, and it isn't what we're talking about here.

The process of creating CamPatron has taught me a LOT of respect for established camsites, because of the technical, financial, and business approval difficulties they've each had to overcome in order to even launch, let alone succeed. I have to acknowledge that without the established camsites and the models, there would be no industry _at all_, and none of us would even be talking about it. Respect.

The vision of CamPatron is that models will no longer have to choose between 1) risking using non-adult services like PayPal to keep most of the money OR 2) giving away a large part of the money to maintain camsite rankings. Instead, models will keep both the money and the rankings.

The name CamPatron itself reflects a high commitment to responding strongly to the long term needs of the camming community--and models specifically--because I believe that's the best way to build a successful but fair business in the medium and long time horizons. For example, aside from the central issue of money addressed with CamPatron's launch, I'm also following with interest what is happening in California and other regions regarding classification of models as employees.

In this opening stage, much like Skype, the only people on will be whomever you personally invite. Therefore, at first CamPatron will only be useful as a way to keep more of the money from your regular visitors without risking losing access to services like PayPal. However, as CamPatron grows it will become a general purpose site for models and their customers.

Respectfully yours,

P.S. Services such as Paxum charge me a small fee, around $1, to send money. I am forced to pass this fee on to models due to the low margin nature of my business model. Sorry.

P.P.S. It's probably a stupid idea to talk about here, but as far as employee vs. contractor, why can't a transparently organized non-profit model union be set up (or just grow that one out in California)? Models could have retirement accounts, continuing education, healthcare, etc. Just like other fields of work.
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