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Daily Payout, Payment Issues

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Jul 24, 2021
Hi there! My username on Chaturbate is aimtree.

I joined 5 days ago and have had an amazing experience so far, and I was sure to contact support requesting allowance to the daily payout program as I quickly made over the 500 dollar minimum to qualify. I chose my payment option as direct deposit and filled out the required information correctly.

I cashed out on July 20th, a total of $996.60 and the website told me to expect in within 3 to 4 days. I was satisfied and ready to wait that time.

Today it is the 24th - a Saturday, to be clear (as the Chaturbate payout offices are closed on weekends, I hope I don't look silly posting this) - and I'm worried there may be an issue with my payment. I've already emailed Support but here seems to be the place for reassurance and other advice.

My ticket number is 17931275. Thank you to anyone that can provide any information or help.