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Daily Payout Rejected without reason

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Jun 11, 2020
I have a concern and that is that on July 13, I made a request for daily payment for a sum of $ 66, 24 hours passed, the email arrived that the payment was sent and after several more hours I received another email telling me that the payment was rejected '' supposedly paxum rejected the payment '' they told me that my paxum account must be active and verified, which my account is already verified and active and previously I have already received a payment from chaturbate in my paxum account , I was asked to edit the payment information, which I deleted and put back in my chaturbate account. I made another request for daily payment but now for 72.90$ on July 14, today, the 15th, I received the email that the payment was sent to paxum, but not yet received my money, I contacted paxum yesterday and they told me that with my paxum account there is no problem and chaturbate, apparently the same thing happened as yesterday that my payment will be rejected or something like that ... what should I do in this case? that I can not withdraw my money for no reason because I do not understand why it was allegedly rejected if I have previously received a payment from chaturbate in that same paxum account and now they tell me that it was rejected for no reason

@punker barbie my username is ChrisRestituyo, I hope I am not banned for this, since I see that they are banning a lot.

I hope you can help me with my problem punker barbie


Your $61.65 Paxum payment for your account chrisrestituyo was rejected.
Please let us know if you would like us to reissue the payment using the same information.
If you would like your update your payment details, you can update payment information by going to .
Please let us know when to reissue your payment
In order for your payment to pass through to your Paxum account it must have Status – Active (Verified or Unverified) and not be Limited or Closed.

Thank you,


According to our records, Paxum has rejected the payment we sent. We have returned the transaction amount to your account.

In order for your payment to pass through to your Paxum account it must have Status - Active (Verified or Unverified) and not be Limited or Closed. Please verify your Paxum account details and update your payment information accordingly, or choose an alternate payment method at Once your payment form is re-submitted, you should be able to re-issue the payout at the bottom of the page.
You have to enter the Amount Requested where it says "Request Daily Payout" and hit submit request.

Please let us know if you require further assistance or have any additional questions regarding this and we would be happy to help.

Thank you,

punker barbie
Industry Representative
Sep 1, 2011
Orange County, Ca

Support startes that they received your email and will look into your payment being returned. Currently there are no bans or restrictions on your account. Please be patient and support will assist you with this matter.
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