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Follow up on "contact with a model" topic

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Feb 1, 2022
Hello all,

In february I opened this topic on the forum, to ask advice regarding a contact with a model situation:

Some time has passed and a lot of things have happened since then. I thought it would be nice to provide you with a follow up on this subject.

Since february I kept in touch with the model. Our contact was good, we communicated on a daily basis.
But besides all positive feelings I tried my best to stay very careful. Keep some distance, be alert on red flags and following up some of the advice that was given on this forum.

We kept in touch for all those months. After a while he lost his job in the studio, but we still kept in touch and all feelings from him towards me seemed genuine. I couldn't spot a single red flag or dishonesty in the things he told me.
Even though his difficult financial situation there were never questions about asking for financial support. I helped him out with a few times, but it was always my initiative and most often on a loan basis in which I would receive back the money in terms.

At a certain point the question was what to do next. We were both very curious about meeting each other and see whether our virtual relation could maybe be converted into something real.
I was very skeptic about the day I would be asked to come to his country. But the options which we discussed were not only this, we also talked about the option of him coming to my country, or meeting in a 'neutral' country.
But in the end the most easy and quick solution would be for me to go there. So one day I decided to go for this adventure, book a ticket, go there and give this a chance.

So I went there and returned a few days ago after a 6 week stay.

It proved that in this case my feeling was right. It turned out indeed this was special situation without red flags, and everything between him and me was real and true.
Everything he told me was real, he has been honest all the time.

We had a fantastic time, are crazy in love , and are looking towards a beautiful future together. Most important is there always has been a lot of mutual respect. Ofcourse there is physical attraction from both sides, but especially we are very much attracted to the other persons character and we respect each others opinions and choices. This made it very easy to enjoy every day of this very long holiday and to try to build a future together.

I am so happy I decided to follow my heart and go on to this adventure. Maybe I was very lucky, as I understand meeting somebody via a cam site has a very small chance of success, but in this case it was all real.
Or maybe because of handling this situation with care, being aware all the time, and with some help of the advices on this forum, this was the right way to give this adventure a chance.
I don't know, but anyway I am extremely happy how this evolved. I still can't understand this really happened and I seemed to have found the love of my life. I feel truly happy, a feeling I haven't really felt before.

For now I have found the love of my life, and he thinks the same about me too. Being home again, we miss each other a lot, but we are looking forward to the next possibility to meet and to the future options of sharing a life together.

I wanted to share this experience with all of you. I realize this outcome, which once started on a cam site, is probably an exception, but also expections are nice to mention on this forum.

Feel free to ask my anything about this story, or else just enjoy reading :) I am happy to share some more experiences, although I won't get into much details because I respect our privacy a lot too.

Thanks to you all again for thinking along with me some months ago, back then it really supported me in a good way.