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Girlfriend is returning to webcaming after leaving

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I'm a very cynical person and just to play devil's advocate - have you considered the possibility that you're a regular who she's led on and love-conned just a little bit too far, but now that you're getting too close for comfort and expecting her to meet up, she's trying to find a non-confrontational way to get rid of you?

I don't think that's cynical, Ms. Sasha, considering that it is the most likely scenario.
Late to this thread, but the most likely answer is that she is not your girlfriend and that it's a love scam. I suspect she wants your money from outside the site but doesn't want you in the room because it would then be obvious to you that you are one of many guys being manipulated in this way.

I'd also struggle to believe that she didn't know what the studio cut is. I mean, I assume she can see the prices she is charging and then compare it with what appears in her account. I think you are being scammed.
TLDR: Girlfriend left being a camgirl after issue with cam studio, wants to return but I'm not allowed to visit her chat room and don't understand why

I met my girlfriend on streamate, it's been almost 3 months now on dec 3. We went to private and talked afterwards and it really fun just conversing with her and getting to know her. From then on I would join her chat room and just talk to her, take her to private and also just get to know her. We ended up being shy with each other so we would just talk, I loved just getting to know her and spending time with her. I didn't mind that other men would see her, it's part of the job and I know she also has to say thing to keep them interested. Besides I met her there so it comes with the territory. She later ends up leaving because she realized how much money the website would take, she would ask me how much I spent and that's when she realized how much the studio she worked for actually kept. I send her money to help with whatever she needs, she doesn't feel comfortable recieving money from me, she said she feels like shes taking advantage of me but i offered and have no problem helping. I dont expect anything in exchange. Now she wants to go back to camming, but she doesn't want me to know her name or visit her chat room. I don't need it to be anything sexual, I just want to spend time with her. I'm trying to understand why she doesn't want me to even tho that's how we met. I was hoping a cam model could maybe help me understand her point of view, I asked her and she said she doesn't know why she wants it that way either.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask
As a cam girl, I wouldn't want my SO in my chat room either. I think keeping it separate leaves a better chance of a healthy relationship unless of course both were comfortable with it or did it together.
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