How much do you show in public chat?

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Mar 24, 2019
I was talking to one of my regulars today after kind of a rough show. He suggested that I might be showing too much, and not really giving anyone the incentive to tip. I'm torn on this, because I'm on MFC and a lot of the action is supposed to happen in the public chat. I went on the homepage and peeked in some of the rooms-- a lot of girls are on in normal clothing, and have pretty packed rooms! But I've never had luck keeping people around unless I was in some kind of lingerie. I've thought about raising my prices for flashes, but not sure if that's really the way about it!

What do you guys think?
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Nov 6, 2017
There is such a wide range of camming approaches and model personalities that it seems impossible to say what the winning formula is. I do know that I've seen established models on this site say "don't take advice from members!" lol I've also seen them say that a rough day can shake your self-confidence and you can go nuts trying to fix things that don't need fixing. Everyone experiences rough days for random reasons that may not exist other days.

I'm not giving advice here, but my personal experience is that I prefer models who are casual about being undressed or semi-dressed. The ones who are rigid about "you wanna see, you gotta pay" produce a "deadline anxiety" for me that spoils the experience. Also, I tend not to go to model's rooms if they are fully clothed and there's a small number of members. I know that it's going to take a long time for those countdowns to finish - and if there are just few members, it's gonna cost me.
Apr 14, 2019
I'm super new to camming (1+ month,) so I'm not the best to answer, but I'll tell you what I do, which is lingerie under a shirt.. countdown to shirt off, then countdown to topless. That's it for public... private is a different story :p
May 11, 2017
Terra Firma
As a member, I won't attempt to tell you what I do. What tends to draw me in to a model's room is the following:

1) Thumbnail on main page: Does this look appealing to me? It doesn't have to be nude, actually I kind of like when they aren't. Nor does it have to be artistic. Just a nice picture that seems inviting of sorts. It can be anything from a screen cap from a show, to a head shot. B&W profile pic, or I've even found motorcycle and bicycle pics interesting enough.

2) From there, I'll do a preview of the room by hovering the mouse over the camera icon to see what's going on. The appearance of your cam area has a big influence on when I enter or not. If it's messy, dark, or something such as body type or something you're doing doesn't appeal to me I won't. If it is, then I'll enter

3) Once I'm in the room, I'll give a few seconds to stabilize before I make a decision. How's the audio and video feeds? If you're playing music, is it something I like? Does it overpower you talking? What's your cam area in a larger window compared to what I saw below? How's your voice (certain voices really drive me crazy. Can be the nicest person in the world. But, if I can't take the voice, I leave).

4) What's the overall feeling of your room? Are you a welcoming personality? It's okay if you don't say "Welcome" to every person entering. But, if I say "Hello", or tip note a hello, so you say something in return? What are your room members like? Are they decent? Or, are the dumbasses making stupid and beligerant comments that I don't appreciate or like? I'm all for a joke, and I know a few really bad ones. But, I hold the line on some things and won't make stupid comments related to certain topics.

There's more to it, and all of this takes place within about a minute's time. But, if most of these are appealing to me, I'll usually stick around for a bit longer and participate a little.
Sep 23, 2018
Test the waters, Monday come on cam in a dress and with a topic of pussy flash, tits flash and a count down to cum show IF you do that in Public, Tuesday try bra and panties wensday lingerie , I would just mix it up a bit . iam a regular in a models room . when guys tip for various things it comes off her countdown obviously, but when she has 20 ppl in her room and about to do a CUM SHOW . her room MAGICALLY FILLS UP LOL. Just reinvent yourself or see what works