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How-To: forum stuff.

Discussion in 'Important Notices and Verified Model Instructions' started by AmberCutie, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. AmberCutie

    AmberCutie ACF Owner & Admin. (I don't work for CB.)
    Staff Member Cam Model

    Mar 1, 2010
    Replying to and posting new threads

    How do I post?

    Choose a section and click "Post New Thread" at the top to create a new topic/thread. To reply to an already-existing thread, simply type in the box at the bottom of the page and hit Post Reply. It's recommended to search for topics before creating a new one, though, since duplicate posts are sometimes ignored.

    How do I quote other peoples' posts?

    There are many easy ways to quote! You'll notice both a quote and a reply button at the bottom of every post.
    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.50.58 AM.png
    If you hit reply, it'll automatically quote the post for you and take you to the quick reply box at the bottom of the page. If you click the quote button, the quote will be added to a list for you and saved for later! Then when you're ready to reply, you can "insert quotes" in the post reply box and it will add all the quotes you saved.

    You can also click and drag to select text in any post and the option to +quote or reply will appear as a small button under the selected text. You can then directly reply with the quote, or "insert quotes" as described above.
    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.54.58 AM.png

    How do I mention someone without quoting them?

    Simply type @username (the name should start to autocomplete in a handy little dropdown. So if you'd like to draw my attention to a post, you'd type @AmberCutie and I'll get an alert!

    *Both quotes and mentions will create an alert for the user. You don't have to use both in the same post in order to create an alert.

    How do I edit or delete my post?

    You only have 15 minutes to edit or delete your post after you hit SUBMIT. There are little buttons on the bottom right side of the post to either edit or delete (the x button). Once 15 minutes has passed, your post is there forever. Once someone has read your post even before that 15 minutes is up, you'll only be able to edit, not delete. I will only edit or delete posts for you in extreme situations, so please think and utilize the preview button before you SUBMIT a post.

    How do I embed a video?

    You can simply try pasting any HTTPS video URL into your post and if it's a supported site, it'll embed automatically for you! Please note that any HTTP URLs (non-SSL) will not embed properly as browsers will not load HTTP content when on a HTTPS site.

    If you preview your post before submitting and it shows up as a white/blank space, just add the link to the media in the post instead of embedding it.

    How do I use images in my post?

    You can either upload a file, submit an image URL, or embed an image from one of your media albums.

    To upload a file, click the "Upload a File" button under your post, then upload from your computer. You can then choose to place the image in your post as a full sized image or as a thumbnail.

    To submit an image URL, click the little image button at the top of the post and paste the image URL there. The image will automatically be placed in the post.

    To insert an image from one of your media albums, click the little camera icon at the top of the post. Your media will then be displayed below the text box. Drag your chosen images from there into your post. Woo!

    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.42 AM.png

    Media Album?

    You'll notice there's a Media tab at the top of the forum! You can upload personal images to show off to other ACFers here

    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.17.21 AM.png

    You'll want to create a new album in that dropdown box (or you can add to someone else's album that shows up in the dropdown if applicable). You can adjust the settings on your album to be private or displayed to everyone/members only/followers only and also you may allow others to add to your album or set it so only you can add to it. Then simply upload from your computer.

    Spoiler Tags? What's that?

    Theres a detailed post about it Here! Proper use of spoiler tags.

    Always remember...

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  2. AmberCutie

    AmberCutie ACF Owner & Admin. (I don't work for CB.)
    Staff Member Cam Model

    Mar 1, 2010
    Using the live chat feature
    How do I use the live chat feature?

    You should see a purple bar at the bottom of your browser. Click that, it'll pop up your chats!

    To remove the purple bar:​
    1. click it​
    2. click the Settings tab, that drops down a list of checkboxes (you may need to scroll down)​
    3. check the box for Disable Chat (you can still access chat rooms via the tab at the top of the forum).​
    Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.14.21 AM.png

    To display the purple bar:​
    1. notice the purple Enable Chat button at the bottom right of your browser. Click it!​
    Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.15.00 AM.png

    Once there, click the + tab to see a list of rooms to join, then click "join room" on the right! Some rooms may be password protected, or only available to certain groups on ACF, but General Chat should always be available to any initiated user.

    You can also create your own room to chat in! (It's in the options menu.) Users are limited to creating 2 of their own rooms, and can join up to 5 rooms in total. To leave a room, type /quit in the room, or double click the room's tab.

    In the Settings list pictured above, you can also set your preferences for notifications and sounds such, so adjust to your liking!​
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  3. AmberCutie

    AmberCutie ACF Owner & Admin. (I don't work for CB.)
    Staff Member Cam Model

    Mar 1, 2010
    Your profile and account status
    How do I get "verified model" status?

    Oh! You must have missed the Model Verification Requests thread. :p You'll want to already have posted a bit in the public sections of the forum, though, as you'll need to be active before you can apply for verified status.

    How do I change my username?

    Send me a PM (Conversation, the little envelope at the top of the forum) with the name you'd like to update it to, and I'll take care of it as soon as I can (usually same day.)


    Ah yes, you do go through a short initiation period when you start a brand new account here. During that time, any threads, post replies, or profile posts you make must be approved by an Admin before they display publicly. You also cannot send private messages (PMs or "Conversations") until you're through the initiation period.

    How do I send a Private Message?

    Once you're initiated you can use this feature. On this forum, they're called "Conversations". You'll see a little envelope next to your name at the top of the page, that opens the page to read or start a conversation. You can include multiple recipients if you like, you can also leave a conversation you don't want to be a part of (there's more information on how to do that within this post here.)

    How do I add those cute icons under my avatar that link to my social media and profiles?

    At the top of the forum, you'll see your username. Hover over that for a menu of many different options and settings you can change.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.41.09 AM.png

    If you select Personal Details, you'll find entry boxes for a select amount of social media and cam sites. Add your username/links as described and you're good! If you'd like to display links to sites that are not included in that list, do so in your signature or the "home page" text box. You are free to include affiliate codes in links in your signature or home page.

    How do I create a signature?

    In the same menu shown above, select the Signature option. There you'll be able to add links, emotes and small images/gifs using the same functions available on regular posts/replies.

    Your signature will appear below each of your posts. You're limited to just a few lines of text/etc, and images/gifs will auto-adjust to a limited display size.
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