How to make camming "resume friendly"

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Apr 30, 2017
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Hi Everyone!

I am redoing my resume as I do every year, and I wanted your ideas on how to make camming resume friendly. I still there is a huge stigma when it comes to this line of work, but I am so proud of what I've accomplished, and in my opinion I've run a successful small business. How can I put this on my resume?!

Thank you so much!

Sophia Lily

It's my birthday!
I usually tell people I freelance edit and produce videos for small companies, and if they ask further I just say something vague like I helped with local schools/stores from my hometown (this might not work for you if you've lived in the same place for long, I moved across the country). No one has ever really questioned it. I've never applied for a job where they'd ask for proof of this (no editing gigs) so that might be it, but it helps fill in time gaps and looks good to be tech savvy
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May 11, 2017
Terra Firma
Depending on the type of work you're looking for (if you are), you can tailor it for things such as Sophia mentioned. Or, you can talk about how you've successfully owned and operated a digital marketing firm. I wouldn't focus on the type of business or content. But, the various skills you did such as public speaking, photo/video editing, financial (budget) management, getting projects done in a timely manner and on budget, customer focused business, etc.

I would think you can spin it many different ways. The tricky part would be most resumes include a business name/location. You could try and keep it as "home based business" if you don't have a generic name for your business.
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