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I am a former gray user who started paying and I wanted to share my story

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I must be doing something right to spend nothing for a while as others drop thousands for the same thing.

I know you're dog-housed, and wasn't asking me directly. But, I'm going to respond to this...

They're not the same thing. I won't get into it more than to just simply state that you fail to recognize this and are doing nothing more than validating reasons for being a freeloader. I'd also venture a guess that if you go (singer, actor, etc.) doesn't get paid other than by tips as the hat is passed or held out at the end of the show, you probably walk on by. Part of me thinks you're the kind to tuck your head and scoot quickly. But, after reading your posts and how you interact with the models and others here, I'm guessing you're the kind of person who proudly walks past while looking straight ahead and won't tip.

How much money have you spent to support various models?

Would you like me to break it down for you? I was curious on how/where my tips/tokens went in regards to which models a month ago and came up with some pretty interesting stats.
I'm pretty savy in computers and know a lot of girls who are expert scammers.

Ok, failed to see any connection here. "I know computers, therefore I know scammers". Huh? Those combined make about as much sense as "I'm good with computers, and bubble wrap was originally intended to be used as 3D wallpaper."
"....just started paying for shows last week."
The other model, I was tipping regularly and we became whatsapp friends.

Yeah, I'm wayyyy late to this thread, and honestly I stopped reading after about his third response. Those last two quotes tell me this guy was full of shit to begin with. So you JUST started paying for shows last week, and yet you've been regularly tipping someone long enough that "we became whatsapp friends". Translation = someone tipped for Whatsapp, probably thought they were a bigger spender than they are, had an unrealistic expectation of the "relationship", and is now all bent out of shape because she doesn't want to marry him. Harsh? Yep. But this reads bullshit from the very start. That first line I quoted? That's just a poor attempt at a qualifying statement intended to make him sound more "real".

Sorry, these kind of people just absolutely blow my mind. How many times do people have to say it. These are cam sites, not dating sites (not to say there aren't some cool stories about people meeting on them). Get over it already.
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