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I got a best fuck from a robot, and I liked it.

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"Wont it just fly around the room when its turned on? Does it need bolting down to something?"
Solid parts and rubber feet on the machine makes sure it doesn't move around, unless if you really crank it up or when the dildo is hits your limit. I place it so that the back feet are against the door still of my bathroom which keeps if from moving but the machine still had a tendency to turn laterally if I'm accepting it at an angle. I use bar bell weights and cushion towels to hold down my machine even better during fast, rough play.
Of course, you can purchase the Ground Anchor for securing machine.

"How does it compare to the Lovense model which is designed to hook up with tokens. Since they are $700 at the moment."
They’re a little behind Lovense as they’re not offering app control just yet ( though their rep says it’s coming soon! ). So if that’s a must for you, you’ll probably prefer the competition.

Thanks muchly for the info
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