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Is it possible to create an Onlyfans account for my girlfriend if it's blocked in her country?

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Nov 15, 2022
I am a beginner cam girl and have an onlyfans. My long distance girlfriend knows about this and supports me. But she lives in Russia. She is 100% against the war, but she is helpless about the situation like everyone else. She hates her country and wishes things were different, but unfortunately things are the way they are.
Because of the war sanctions, Onlyfans is now blocked in Russia because Onlyfans can't pay their content creators. But normally it is legal to have an OF there so there should be no issues with the law in terms of creating content.

She told me she wants to start an onlyfans as well. And asked if i could create the account. And then use my bank account. While she simply sends me the content to upload.
I'll do the editing, the messaging of the customers, the advertising etc and manage it for her. And in return we'll split the profits after taxes.

My question is: Is this legal? I assume it is, because i see couples on OF all the time. Or people with verified models who collaborate.

But how would i go about this? Do i have to register myself as a company? Do i have to create a contract for us both to sign? Do i have to keep ''receipts'' of all the payments i send her for tax purposes?
Or can i just create an OF account, have her verify herself on there as a model, post the content, then pay the taxes of it in my country of whatever earnings we have. and then just send her the money through paypal or whatever method is still available in russia?

Can anyone with knowledge or experience give advice? Thank you!
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