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V.I.P. AmberLander
Mar 3, 2010
Giving this its own thread now. If you need specific help or advice feel free to PM me or whatever (though I'm sure you can get help in the Model Only section as well). I do business consulting as a hobby (that is to say, I enjoy it but don't use it as primary income). When applicable I try to include a note on if a suggestion is based on an actual principle of business or such.
I enjoy being helpful and practicing my business philosophy. So if you need something, ask away.

Change log:
  • This is the last posted version (not updated).
  • Minor updates/upkeep throughout.

READ EVERYTHING. If you have a question ask, this is not a hard list, things change, everyone is different. I am still improving this list and I will post it over and over until I'm bored or it's perfect.

Are you boring? Uninteresting? Not entertaining in the slightest sense of the word?
Then let me help you.
I see too many models sitting in front of their cams and not doing anything. There are TONS of great things people would like to see you do that I've seen be successful on MFC that might work for you. I want to teach YOU (no not you, her, right... yes you) how you can harness your inner effectiveness and become the you that you have always wanted to be but you were afraid to be. I want you to maximize your earning potential.

This isn't a list of tips. There are tons of lists of tips out there and even on this very forum. But here is a list of tips:
  • Be vocal. Sound check (my mic sounds nice) and talk to people. Get used to this feeling.
  • Have good lighting.
  • Low level music. You want the music to be a background to you, not to compete with you. Louder for dancing, quieter for relax time.
  • Be happy. If you're not happy on cam odds are people won't want to talk to you. People here want friendly people. They get shit all day in reality, this is fantasy. Not that we expect you to be up up up, even Amber has down days. But if every day is a down day maybe this isn't for you, this job should make you happy.

So if that's not what I'm talking about, what am I talking about?
Well I'll tell you what I'm talking about. I used to see a lot of interesting things on MFC. Now about the only interesting thing I see on MFC is girls begging for tokens while getting pounded by fuck machines (not that there's anything wrong with that).

So here I am, listing some styles to use and some ideas for what to ask for tips. Now I include that last bit because I see too many otherwise beautiful girls that could be at the top of their game asking for 150 tokens for a cum show. Amber makes that for sneezing and so can you. Don't undersell yourself, this is a business and your vagina isn't Walmart.

Just entertaining visitors isn't enough, you have to keep them. Now remember, you need to keep people that see you in your room. RETENTION is the key. Retaining the people that stop in your room is what you need. To do that all you need to do is keep the people that have come in your room to stop browsing and join in the fun. This can be done a number of ways and I've highlighted a few below. Remember, everyone is different and once you make a room yours and get a fan base for that you may not need a thing from this list. Some girls have that something that just lets them take off no games needed (looking at you Amber). Hopefully this list is a good stepping stone to help you become that person.

Remember also 20 tokens is a dollar for you. 10 tokens is a dollar for a member. This conversion is important, since the money you need is doubled for the members. Though the concept of tokens separates people from money and makes it easier to spend (this is a psychological sales principle, good for everyday life).

Da Gaems!

Write Night:
You gotta Write for your Fight to paaaaaaartay!
  • Write on your body for tokens. Usually 40 tokens is a good amount. More or less tokens depending on how elaborate you want to be.
    • After a while try reminding people who is on your body, especially in weirder or more provocative places.
  • Write user names on a board or poster behind you, visible regularly in shot. More tokens for longer periods on there. 200 for a month seems to be a going rate.

Next Food Network Star:
Seriously, the Food Network sucks, but you don't have to (or maybe you want to suck).
  • Hungry? cook something. Be creative. Not much to ask for tokens for here, but rather just for entertainment so you can keep a room.
  • Make cookies, highest tipper gets the batch.

Target Practice:
  • Cover yourself in something, use tip values to uncover areas. This obviously works better with a bigger crowd since that means cleaning faster. This can be food, paint, soap, anything really.

Artsy Fartsy:
  • Draw doodles for members in your room. Take tip requests. Brave and the Bold can even have more elaborate pictures mailed out. Possibly through an intermediary.
    • For quick doodles every now and then when you see someone enter, offer them a free little doodle.
    • this can be combined with writing on your body.

Prize Game:
Basically anything you can think of here. Card Games, Sweepstakes, etc. Prizes can be downloads, skype show, whatever you want to give away.
  • Sweepstakes can be fun (although legally questionable as in not legal when they fall under lottery or raffle laws- ignore that bit) and are common on MFC. Token amount depends on the prize.
    • Everyone in the room at the time of the drawing can get an entry! If you're offering a free for you prize, why not? You get one entry for being in the room and can charge 10 tokens per extra entry. Pick off the free list for what someone will win. Hourly winners?
      • Perhaps offer everyone a free entry, but to claim prize if you win you have to pay for the ticket (after you've already won). That would basically mean a basic member can get a free entry but to claim the prize he has to buy the winning ticket.
    • You can also do free entries for a Facebook or twitter message or follow.
    • The key to these is Free Plus. That is you give them away free, plus you take in extra ticket sales. The cheaper the better. Cheap tickets encourage buying more tickets. Buying more tickets makes free tickets worth less. If your prize is free or close enough, then every token you make in ticket sales is a bonus.
  • Biggest Tipper. A common "game" where you can give a bonus to your biggest tipper. This can be cumulative or lump sum.
    • Lump Sum Big Tip. Here you need a really good prize. After all if someone tips 300 tokens, then someone else tips 301 the first person is out everything in the game. So here you want a sheer volume of crazy tips. Of course if you get one huge tip to start with, this will shoot everything down. To counter this you can have a limit of say "If you tip 500 over the current highest tip you get a special prize" or similar. The special prize can be a duplicate prize or something even better, then their tip can either get the special prize or be the new high tip. This way if someone tips 1000 right off the bat, everyone isn't going to stop tipping because that 1000 would get a special prize and not the high tip prize.
    • Cumulative Tipper. This one has some advantages in that it can get a few people in a tip war to maintain a lead if the prize if big enough. However if you have a few big tippers, it will be hard to get someone new into the game.
  • Wall Prize. Place sticky notes, cards, whatever up on your wall. Tokens to purchase a card and win the prize. If you use a deck of cards you can list somewhere the prize list. If you use sticky notes you can just write the prizes on there. It's a good idea to list the prizes so everyone knows what they can win. Although a "Mystery Prize" is acceptable. Cost is relative to the prizes being offered. 10-20 would be good if you only offer small prizes, 200 is not out of the question if videos are included.
    • Sealed Prize. In this variation the prize is contained in a sealed item. This can be balloons, envelopes or anything else that's sealed. The illusion here is fairness. It removes any doubt as to whether the model knows what's being picked.
    • Graduated Wall Prize. Here you can separate them into tiers. Higher tiers offer better prizes for more tokens. Low tiers should be cheap (10-20). High tiers will depend on your top prizes but 250-400 is completely reasonable if you include videos, skype shows, etc. Mid tiers would then range from 50-200. Remember to adjust this for what going rates on videos are and the attendance in your room.
      • Whammy Card. In the lowest tier only you may place a small number of no prize cards. In higher tiers you can place a small number of lower tier prizes.
      • Bump Card. Allow them to pick from a higher tier with a few cards. A must if you include the whammy card option (fair is fair). At the highest tier you may want to place a "Member Choice" card as the bump card.
      • Fairness. To make everything feel more fair and honest, never remove the chosen prize from the view of the camera. This is especially important when regulars or big prizes are involved. If a regular wins the biggest prize, it might look discouraging to the new guy.

Game On!
  • Game Time. A lot of guys may be interested in watching you play games. Things like WiiFit partially clothed comes to mind. However even just chilling while playing Final Fantasy is interesting to some guys. These guys are their for an experience and someone to share an interest (these are the good customers).
  • Group Gaming. Charge someone to play games with you. Seriously, do it. Make a special steam account and practice Team Fort 2. Let people play with you on this account. Friend them on the account for tokens. For more tokens you can even tell people in the game you're his girl or he has a big dick or whatever. Value your time and charge accordingly.
  • Get Gaming. Play a game on cam. A lot of people are interested if it's a good game. I've watched a guy play Chrono Trigger for the first time on cam. He had 50+ people watching him once a week. Everyone told him what to do, it was funny and fun. Plus if it's a game you need help with, you have instant help. If you don't need help, just ignore the room for a moment.
    • Games like “You Don't Know Jack” can be fun with people in the room guessing answers and what not.
    • Gaming online with tipping members can be combined with gaming on cam. Co-op works great. Ever want to get tipped to snipe a team mate in Left 4 Dead?

The Final Countdown
  • buh nah nah naaah buh nah nah nah nah.
  • Progressive Nudity. Here you will remove an article of clothing when tip milestones are reached. Pretty straight forward.
  • Strip Show. Here you have a single countdown to reach a nude state.
    • If you need practice at a good strip, try either The S Factor or Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip.
    Countdowns are a mainstay of business on MFC and can be used for almost anything.
  • Remember the higher your tip value is (that is the higher value you place on your nakedness) the more valuable that nudity will be. Members may perceive the model as better based on a higher asking price. Nudity will have a rarity to it.
  • Counterpoint is that smaller goals may be more reasonable and easier to get to move on.
  • Combine this with another game.
    • Wall Game may include removal of clothing on cards/notes.
    • Raffle Tickets may be used as the goal rather than tokens. 5 Tickets (for 100 tokens each) or 3 video sales (at 200 tokens each) may be easier to get than 400 tokens to get naked.
      • This may discourage additional tippers however, so it may be good to include an alternate, such as 5 videos (at 100 each) OR 600 Tokens. Here each video sale reduces 120 tokens from the total. The hope here is that the "sale" produces higher tips faster.
      • If your goal is high enough, you may even wish to offer the panty prize to whomever removes your panties that night. That is, mail them the panties from that show.

We have a few unique things that can get some prizes sent to users. Now sometimes it's hard to think of what to give out. The best things are free (for you). So I'm going to break down and give away MY secrets for free prizes as well as ideas for prizes that will cost you little out of pocket.
Remember though, remind the people that the better YOU know THEM the better you can suit the prize to them. (i.e. foot fetish? foot video. etc.) Also be open about if it's something to have mailed. If they don't want it, offer them a secondary prize and ask if you can give the first prize to someone else. Remember it's THEIR PRIZE so if they don't want it given to someone else DON'T at least not for a few days. The most important thing with prizes is you want to reward people for tipping you, but the most important thing is retention of customers, so use prizes to build and retain customers.

  • Wallpapers. I don't know why I don't see this more. Fancy computer wallpapers for your desktop. Model name, hi res, the works. Sure you can MAKE one with pictures, but most people are too lazy. Just takes time and a nice hi res picture.
  • Art. Covered slightly in the Art section above. If you can draw, why not give away drawings? Plus it gets your artwork out there and maybe someone will want to BUY something in the future from you.
  • Note. A personal note from your favorite model. This can be snail mail or e-mail. If snail mail, hand written. It's a nice little sweet talking note that can be sent to someone.
  • Audio. Just a personal message or a chosen phrase saved as something like an .mp3 file. Similar to a voice mail message without the phone part. Plus they can listen to it whenever they want!

  • Picture sets. Focus on a theme. The smaller the sets the less value they have, but the less time, money and energy you have to put into them.
  • Videos. Same. Fairly obvious. Doesn't even have to be sexual. Hell, make a vlog of you saying hi to them and making a personal little lets get to know each other better video. Be upfront if they will be getting a completely tit free video however.
  • Hair. Say what? Yeah. Getting your hair cut? Make a lock for someone. Mail it out. It will smell like you (well, your shampoo, whatever) and is unique. They may try and make a clone of you though.
  • Skype. Obviously pretty big these days.
  • Friends/PM List. Models are charging tokens for it these days, why not use it for promotion?
    • Messenger, Steam, PSN and Live names all work here too.

  • Panties. Lots of pervs love panties. No clue why. The latest consensus seems to be clean with light perfume.
  • Retired Toy. Really creepy here. Back off. Maybe someone would like it.
  • Cookies. Mailed out fresh. Seriously, cookies. Who is going to argue with that. Other food works too.
  • Poster or framed picture. What's better than a image file? The real deal.
  • Games. Namely Steam games. Need some cheap prizes? Buy a 4 pack when the game is on sale. This will encourage Game Night.
    • Used games for PS3 and 360 work too.
    • IndieGala during Happy Hour.

Feel free to PM me feedback and give me thanks to let me know I'm being helpful.


I haven't posted recently, hopefully will be back soon!
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Aug 17, 2011
Las Vegas, NV
Gosh, i'm sorry. i just don't pay attention to cam model guides unless they have bees. Lots and lots of bees.

(jk, this is actually a lot of helpful info!)


V.I.P. AmberLander
Mar 3, 2010
Addendum to getting tips:
It should be easy to understand, but when someone asks you for something, name a price.
  • Show feet please. "Sure, just tip me X and I can give you a peek."
  • Can you change the music? "Sure, if you tip me X I'll let you get a song request."
  • Don't ask for tips if you can't or won't do it.

Remember though, this shouldn't interfere with normal room operation. If the users ask you to turn the music down because they can't hear you, you're best off adjusting the volume.

This is a business for you, so add ons and extras should cost extra. The entertainment is free, everything else is extra.


V.I.P. AmberLander
Mar 3, 2010
I want to post my portion of a PM that clarifies one of these better.
Namely making someone pay for a "free" ticket after they're already won.

The idea is to get people in your room and to stay in your room. What you're doing with this idea is building up fans and the size of your room viewers. It's not expressly intended to increase tip volume (but it might, I don't know).
Everyone gets one ticket for being there, inform the room that in order to claim the prize, it must be bought. This requires that they in in the room at the time of the ticket creation, and of the ticket drawing. Which, of course means that if anyone wants a free ticket, they'll be in your room fulfilling the purpose.
Additional tickets could be allowed to be bought. The ticket price would be set at X (will vary by your popularity and the value of the raffle item).
When a ticket is drawn, if the winner did not pay for a ticket (but only has one for being present), then they must tip you to purchase their winning ticket and thus win the prize. Theoretically it's a good way to try and convert basics to premiums and get premiums to start tipping. Remember, the way the brain works is that once you justify spending SOME money, it gets easier to justify spending MORE money.
The key is to make it clear to everyone that if they win on their bonus ticket (lets not call it free since it's not) that they have to pay for it. BUT it keeps them there and interested because they can win BEFORE they spend money.

Now, I wrote the original article a while ago and have been hard at work at a real job and vacations, so I haven't been on in a while, so keep that in mind if anything doesn't seem to apply any more.
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