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Model Verification Requests

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We are beyond just cam girls... ACF is now also verifying accounts for transgender models, couples*, and male models! Some of the instructions are different now, so take a look below for details. Keep in mind you won't be able to post in this thread to apply until you've been signed up and active (posting in threads) on ACF for a bit**, but when you can, just reply here per the instructions below!

NOTE: see THESE RULES for the Models Only section of ACF, which you agree to by submitting a request for verification.

Click the Reply button (it will not show up until you qualify to apply), then here's what to include in your post:

  • A sign selfie! Photo needs to include:
    • your face or at least some identifying part of your body that can be matched with your cam site profile pictures. (Yes, your cam site profile must have pictures).
    • a sign written with the date and your username and some greeting acknowledging ACF (see example image below!)
    • upload your image as an attachment (click the Upload a File button under the text box) and insert into your post.

  • Links to your cam site profile(s) on any or all of these sites: MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, Stripchat, or Streamate:
    • you must be obviously active and using the cam site as a job, not just a hobby.
    • make sure your cam site profile is visible to guests. If there are issues with this (e.g., if you block WA state) I'll contact you for follow up, but it will slow down the process.
    • you'll gain access to the ACF Models Only sections for each of the sites you link to and are active on.
    • you can/should also fill out your Personal Details section of your profile here with your cam site and social links! ( will be available there soon.) This step is not required but recommended for better interaction here at ACF.

ACF Verify Example.jpg
^^ Post a pic like this!

I aim to do verifications at least once per week, but in most cases accounts should be verified within 72 hours of posting. If I need additional verification I will reply within the thread. Once you have been upgraded to Verified Model status, you will get a welcome message with information on how to proceed!

Posts in this thread will only be publicly visible for a short period of time after you're verified (3-4 weeks), then archived so they will not be searchable/viewable by anyone other than Admins.

**For anyone reading this who wonders why there's a time and post requirement, I'll explain just a tad.

Patience in waiting a period of time shows you actually care enough and really want to be part of the MO group. In the past we've had so many cam models who sign up, ask for verification without spending any time here, get in MO and just lurk for months before getting removed for inactivity. I don't like to pander to people who treat it like that. This new process has proven to be wonderful. Those that get verified now are actually interacting in the MO section and adding value to it.

Having a post requirement forces you to interact and show us a little about yourself and learn the interface of the forum. I like to get a feel for a person before I verify them. There are some folks who have never asked for verification, but given their interactions in the past, I'd never allow it. For most, I feel confident letting them in the group as I've seen they are polite and know how to use the forum properly enough to make a good handful of posts.

Aside from noting the bolded items above, I do not give out the exact requirements so please do not ask. Just be here, be active, be cool. :)
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